Managers: Test Your Employee's Knowledge With These Team Meeting Games

Team meetings are an important part of any organization, whether it’s a small startup or a large corporation. However, if you don’t keep your team members engaged, they will grow uninterested in the meetings’ value and are more likely to miss them. They then lose out on valuable time where workers can bond while collaborating on important matters concerning the development of your company. To help make team meetings more engaging and valuable, try these three suggestions to test your employees’ knowledge. You might be surprised at what you and your employees learn!


How to Run an Effective Quiz

You can test your employee’s knowledge by quizzing them on company procedures, new regulations, best practices, and industry news. Here are a few tips on how to run an effective quiz:

  1. Make sure the questions are relevant to what your employees should know.

  2. Avoid trick questions- this will only frustrate employees and won’t give you an accurate assessment of their knowledge.

  3. Give employees a chance to ask questions before moving on – this gives you the opportunity to gauge their understanding about the subject. A good way to implement this is adding a Q&A question to your quiz.

  4. Don’t make the quiz too long- you want to keep employees engaged, not overwhelm them.

  5. Be sure to review the answers with the team afterwards so everyone can learn from any mistakes that were made.

  6. Start with a fun question!

  7. Make it a quiz with prizes.

What The Games Can Help You Learn

When you’re trying to figure out what your employees know and don’t know, these games can help. They’ll test their knowledge on a variety of topics, from company history to industry jargon. Plus, they’re fun! And who doesn’t love a good game?

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4 Fun and Engaging Quiz Games for Teams

  1. The Hangman Challenge For (Industry) Regulations

  2. Guess the Movie by looking at a Picture (Just for Fun)

  3. Company Pub Quiz

  4. True or False?

But how do you create an interactive quiz?

One way to measure an employee’s knowledge is through interactive quizzes. Sendsteps is a tool that allows you to create such quizzes online. Simply write questions and answers, then play them live during your next meeting. Participants can answer in real-time and see other participants’ answers when they provide them.

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