November Monthly Update: What's new this month?

Another month has flown by, and it’s time to share our monthly update with you! In this month’s update, we’re sharing some of the latest and greatest things we’ve been working on here at Sendsteps. This blog includes three exciting templates, which you can download and play! Read further and enjoy our latest updates!

Product Updates

One of our newest developments is sharing your presentation. When both parties have a Sendsteps account, it is possible to share your presentation link via email, for example, and let someone play your quiz or presentation.

MicrosoftTeams-image (38).png

Another exciting and very useful development is having the option to make your text:

  1. Italic

  2. Bold

  3. Bullet Points

  4. Underline allignment

  5. Position of the text on the slide

New styles for text

With these new features, your presentation will look more presentable and readable for your audience. Here, we illustrated how all the features look on a slide, want to check it out yourself? Go to our web app and try it today!

New Slide Options

We also created new options for our slides in the picture below; the countdown slide is displayed, a new feature from this month. The countdown slide can be added as the front page and used for another slide type. For example, giving your audience 20 seconds to discuss a topic is a perfect solution for your 20 seconds. It is possible to make your countdown 3 - 30 seconds long, so you can customise it as you want.

Lastly we added 6 different content slide options, such as:

  • Title: slide with main title

  • Title and Subtitle: slide with a title and a smaller sentenct after it

  • Title and Text: write a paragraph and share information

  • Image: Support your message by adding an immage to your presentation

  • Video: add and play videos from YouTube

  • Quote: Highlight quotes on your slide

  • Countdown: Show a countdown on your screen

Countdown new.png

Get Inspired!

It can be hard to develop your own slides; lucky for you, Sendsteps created a button called "Get Inspiration". This button offers many options and ideas for your interactive presentation. The button can be found in the web app; when creating a new template, you will see on the right an option with "Get Inspiration". See for further clarification the picture below. We also added one of our templates below which you can download and use.

Get Inspired

Question type of the month: Quiz

Everyone loves playing a quiz, so test the knowledge of your audience in a fun and interactive way using a live quiz. Playing a quiz is fun and gets people excited. You could, for example, play a knowledge quiz before starting a meeting. Sendstep offers many pre-made quizzes with different topics. Feel free to try it out, and feel free to tell your friends and colleagues about it as well! Try one of our pre-made quizzes below.

Winner picture 2.png


We hope you had a great Thanksgiving and that you're ready for the cold winter season ahead. If you still feel like you missed something with Thanksgiving, try playing the Thanksgiving quiz. Next month will be all about Christmas and new product updates, so sign up today and stay updated!

Roksanna van Dam

Roksanna works as an intern and mainly focuses on making content and the company's socials. Roksanna loves to teach herself and her audience new discoveries and has a creative mindset, which she combines with her work to create unique, fun, relevant blogs and templates.