AFAS: Want to play a game? Let the audience think playfully.

For learning and inspiration

“Name all of the countries our company has offices in?”, “How often has the Dutch national soccer team lost the World Cup finals?” During a meeting, playing a quiz can offer up a nice break. While they are answering, you can assess the audience’s knowledge level of the subject and gain a better understanding of what still needs to be taught. At the end of the quiz, announce the winner and put him or her in the spotlight!

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Knowledge tested by the public during the AFAS Tennis Classics

During the break between tennis matches, the audience was asked eight questions by former professional tennis player Jacco Eltingh. These questions were answered via mobile phone via SMS, internet and Twitter.


After the audience answered all of the questions, the one with the most correct answers, and fastest response time, was called on his mobile phone and could be heard live in the stadium. He was invited down to the tennis court where he received an award from Jacco Eltingh. The audience participated enthusiastically and had fun during the breaks. The lucky winner went home with a travel voucher for a weekend in Barcelona!