NBA: Mirror, mirror on the wall. Get to know what the audience thinks about itself.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to hear how the audience collectively views itself? In only a short time frame, a series of questions will help you sketch a profile of your audience. Ask questions about the image of a profession or reveal a different side of your audience by asking them unexpected questions. It’s a nice way to start the day, a rejuvenating break during a long meeting and an exciting finale to your presentation.

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NBA live reputation study with 1,300 accountants.

During the 2013 NBA Accountant’s Day, Cees van Riel, Professor of Corporate Communications at Erasmus University Rotterdam, presented a reputation study on accountants for an audience of 1,300 accountants.

Van Riel tested his findings to the audience by asking them questions about how they see themselves. These questions could be answered via mobile phone and tablet. Since the audience was the subject of the study, the response rate was high.


Although accountants have an image of not being very outspoken, it was nice to see how many comments came about from the questions. The session brought up a sense of belonging, not to mention, a lot of laughs. At the reception following the presentation, there was an extensive talk about the findings. Van Riel said that through the audience interaction the study came to life.