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Get everyone in line with company goals using Sendsteps during your all hands meeting

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Sendsteps goes all out for your all hands meeting

Got a major development that everyone in your organization needs to know about? Then perhaps it’s time to call for an all hands meeting.

An all hands meeting, also known as a town hall meeting, is a platform where all stakeholders in a company – from ground-level employees to high-ranking officials and shareholders – can interact with the management team. With an all hands meeting, you can prevent any communication gaps to ensure that everyone gets the necessary updates.

Sendsteps is your all-in-one interactive platform for online and offline meetings. With easy access to our interactive toolset, we’ll empower you to get the most out of your all hands meeting.

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Key Features of Sendsteps’ All Hands Meeting Suite

Whether you’re hosting an all hands meeting in an online or hybrid setting, you’ll find the right tools to organize interactions for various purposes. We’ll support you with:


Gathering participant info

We’ll help you collect personal information from your participants during the meeting. For instance, their name, age, gender, department, and even their stand on certain issues. This will help you identify who sent in what response during the meeting. It’ll also provide insights for various kinds of analytics - like the opinion of your sales department about a new marketing initiative.

Data Security

Audience engagement service:

Besides a reliable technical support team, Sendsteps can also provide you with hands-on support during your all hands meeting. With professionals like the onsite operator, moderators, and Sidekicks, Sendsteps can help ensure your event unfolds without any interruptions.

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Audience engagement features

You can easily deploy many different features, including different question types, visualization tools like a word cloud, and lots more.


Accessible response channels

Your audience can also make comments and ask questions without any hassle. We also provide a response filter function to help you filter out distractions when taking responses from your audience.

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Simple channels for your audience to respond:

All your audience needs to do to respond to your questions is enter their response on a simple web portal or send an SMS with their response to a certain number. They can load the web portal simply by scanning a QR code or filling out a code displayed on the shared screen.

Tips for boosting interactions during your all hands meeting

Need some inspiration for vibrant interactions during your all hands meeting? Here are some ideas to try out:


Rank order questions

Gather a bunch of potential ideas and send them out for your audience to decide on which ones should be discussed first.

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Word Cloud

A word cloud is a cloud-shaped artwork composed of words and phrases. With our word cloud, you can visualize your audience's responses. The size of each response depends on frequency with which it occurs.

Quiz Sendsteps


Test your audience’s knowledge about company goals, corporate culture, etc.



Take a moment to take questions from your audience to clarify issues.

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Survey questions

You have many different survey question formats to choose from - each useful for different purposes. For instance, you can use a one-line, leading questions like ‘Do you like this tool?’ and then follow it up with more in depth questions like ‘What would you like to see improved in it?’ You can use multiple choice questions to get more in-depth responses out of them. Checkbox questions allow your audience to choose one or multiple options out of many different choices. And you can follow that up too with explanatory text questions where your audience can give more elaborate answers.

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Upvoting is one of the most powerful tools to maximize audience engagement for group meetings and events. With our upvoting tool, you can generate ideas that truly resonate with your audience without any effort on your part. Simply bounce a selection of ideas and questions on your audience, and let them decide with their upvotes.

With a massive range of tools and services that enable you to run your all hands meeting smoothly, we’ll help you:

  • Promote corporate transparency
  • Ease access to leadership to build greater trust from bottom to top and vice versa
  • Ensure that the right message gets to the right people at all times -Give everyone in your corporation a voice and a sense of belonging
  • Acknowledge commendable achievements and outstanding talents
  • Inform everyone about new goals and plans for achieving them

Visualization Tools to Support Different Types of Interactions

You won’t run short of options for steering your all hands meeting in the right direction with Sendsteps. We provide a variety of visualization tools to help you convey your messages in a way that’s easy to digest, including:

Make your next hybrid meeting interactive with Sendsteps

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