Sendsteps is ideally suitable for facilitating voting during your general and shareholder meetings. Pre-assign voting rights to individual members and let members cast their vote through smartphone. Safe and hassle-free!

Identified Voting

Hand out unique login codes and let the audience login via their own device [smartphone, computer or tablet]. Members can now vote once or multiple times.

Weighted voting rights

Not everyone has similar voting rights. Therefore, it is possible to pre-assign weighted voting rights to individual members. Yet, onsite it is still easy to process last-minute changes.

Power of attorney

Those members and shareholders who aren’t present, can warrant other attendees: these persons are then able to vote on behalf of the person not present.

Alles types of questions

Every type of statement, multiple choice or open question can be asked to the audience. The entire audience, or a selected group, is able to respond.

Fully flexible

People coming in late and still wanting to vote? Adding or changing questions onsite? Or editing last-minute voting rights, mandates or login codes; all of this is possible.

Direct results

All responses are immediately available and can be displayed onto the presentation screen. Through your dashboard and after your AGM, you’ll have direct access to the results of your meeting.

Sendsteps License

Would you repeatedly like to use Sendsteps during in-house meetings? The Sendsteps License will give you and your colleagues unlimited Sendsteps use throughout the year. Setup your own interactive presentation and engage your team and stakeholders. Interaction as a hallmark of your organization

More info about Sendsteps Licenses

5 Advantages

Professional onsite support

AGM’s are a special kind of meetings. Our onsite support is specialized in these meetings. For numerous renowned companies we facilitate AGM’s.

No need for voting devices

Make use of that what attendees already know and carry with them: a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. No downloads needed. Start straight away!

Process last-minute changes

Although we pre-arrange everything for you, we can still easily process last-minute changes. At important meetings this flexibility is a must.

Deal with additional feedback

Next to voting, the audience is also able to send in open comments and questions: for e.g. during an annual presentation. Deal with all question or filter a selection.

A contemporary approach

The use of one’s own device, the realtime presentation of results within your own company design and the userfriendliness will underline your innovative approach!

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Audience interaction through Sendsteps

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