Explore Flawless Interactions During Your Shareholder Meeting

A Well-Rounded Interactive Solution for a Shareholder Meeting

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Enjoy a Shareholder Meeting with Flawless Interactions

A shareholder meeting is one of the most important meetings for businesses. Major decisions that shape the company’s outlook are taken here. With such high stakes, a shareholder meeting needs to be executed with perfect precision to achieve the meetings’ objectives. Sendsteps helps you prevent distractions and hiccups that could prove costly while stimulating productive discussions in your shareholder meeting. Sendsteps provides all the interactive tools you need to steer your annual shareholder meeting in the right direction. You’ll get easy access to voting and live polling features, a variety of question types, and a filtering tool for screening responses.


Host Productive Shareholder Meetings

Whether you’re hosting an Annual General Meeting (AGM), an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), or a virtual shareholder meeting, you’ll find useful interactive tools to achieve your goals with Sendsteps. Some of our key features for a shareholder meeting include:

  • Tickbox

    Visualization tools: To share Key Performance Indexes (KPIs) and other metrics.

  • Tickbox

    Live polling: For gauging opinions and emotions about important issues.

  • Tickbox

    Weighted voting: For allocating voting powers based on the number of shares owned by each participant. For instance, a shareholder with double the number of shares will have double voting powers to appoint board members, choose auditors, decide on compensation deals, compared to others with half or less number of shares.

  • Tickbox

    Open Questions: To give shareholders the opportunity to bring up pressing issues.

  • Tickbox

    Survey questions: For gaining insightful feedback.

Why Use Sendsteps for your Shareholder Meeting

  • Optimize engagement levels.
  • Explore productive interactions at a lower cost.
  • Protect sensitive information with end-to-end encryption and industry-best data management protocols.
  • Provide a highly convenient channel of response for your audience - your audience can send in their responses via a simple web portal or send a SMS to a number displayed on the share screen.
  • Explore branding options by branding your user interface, shared screen, as well as your audience response channels.
  • Get onsite support from audience engagement experts.

Gain Insightful Feedback to Improve your Annual Shareholder Meeting

At the end of every meeting, you can use our Net Promoter Score to assess satisfaction levels among your shareholders. You can then follow up on that with multiple choice questions, open ended questions, and other types of survey questions to gain more insights as to why they gave those responses.

This can help shed more light on things you can do to improve the outcomes of subsequent meetings and increase the general level of satisfaction among your shareholders.

Make your next shareholder meeting interactive with Sendsteps

No credit card required | 2 Free AI presentations