Vote and post messages

The way to create interaction and participation during presentations through text messaging and Internet.

Alternative voting device: your own mobile phone!

Sendsteps technology makes interaction as easy as possible to your speaker and your audience. The audience can use its own mobile phone as an alternative voting device without needing to download anything nor having to execute any other actions. Interaction therefore hasn’t only become cheaper, yet simple as well!

Your own mobile phone as alternative voting device: flexible and known

The hardware of voting devices is often inflexible and rather costly. Voting devices first need to be installed and made ready for use. The only thing you need for using Sendsteps onsite is a stable Internet connection and mobile phone coverage

Different from voting devices that are sensitive to damage, failures and theft, your audience tends to treat one’s own mobile phone often much more careful. Moreover, one knows how to operate it. By offering diverse channels that can be used through mobile phone [text message and Internet], making it an alternative voting device, you relate as much as possible to the preferred communication style of your audience. One is then able to respond to open and closed questions. All of it, thanks to the mobile phone as alternative voting device.

The step to innovation

You are known with the use of voting devices, but you’re not yet sure if a new approach will contribute to more value? Besides individual use, you can also get professional onsite support. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities of the Sendsteps tool and the mobile phone as an alternative voting device.

Consultants of Audience Interaction

At Sendsteps we see hundreds of events taking place every year. We know how to engage and shape participation whatever the size of your audience. We can advise on how best engage your audience using an interactive presentation. We can help you to formulate great questions. We can even facilitate the meeting for you!

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