10 easy ways to make your presentation message unforgettable

Presentations are a great way to get your message across, but can be easily forgotten if not done well. It’s important to make sure your presentation is engaging and memorable. Here, we'll provide 10 easy ways to make sure your presentation message is unforgettable. Whether you're new to presentations or an experienced pro, these presentation introduction examples and presentation examples will help you craft the perfect presentation. With the right tools and techniques, you'll be able to make sure your message sticks with your audience.

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1) Keep it Short

When it comes to presentations, less is more. Most audiences will have a limited attention span and as such, it is best to keep your presentation short and sweet. Be sure to focus on the key messages and phrases you want to get across, and don’t be afraid to omit details that are not essential to your presentation. A good rule of thumb is to structure your presentation with a clear beginning, middle and end, and only include the necessary information to get your point across. You may find it helpful to highlight or bold certain words or phrases so that your audience can easily digest the most important points of your presentation. Remember: keep it short, sweet and to the point!

2) Start with a Story

Stories are an effective way to engage the audience and draw attention to the presentation’s key messages. The best stories are concise and inspiring, and should be tailored to the presentation’s specific audience. Starting with a story is a great way to grab the audience’s attention and ensure they stay focused on the presentation’s message. Stories help make the presentation personal, memorable, and emotional. It’s also an opportunity for the speaker to show a bit of personality which can be beneficial in making a lasting impression. When used correctly, stories can give a personal touch to a presentation, helping to ensure that the key messages stick with the audience and make an impact.

3) Use Visual Aids

Visual aids are an essential tool in making a presentation memorable. They can be used to create an engaging atmosphere and make the audience more receptive to your key messages. Visuals such as infographics, slideshows, videos, photos, or illustrations can help to emphasize important information. Using visuals in your presentation can be an effective way to break up long blocks of text and keep people focused on the message. With visuals, you can also show complex ideas in a simplified way that’s easy to remember.

Using visuals also allows you to add a creative touch to your presentation. While visuals should always support your key message, there’s no need for them to be bland and boring. On the contrary, visuals should capture the attention of your audience and make them want to listen to what you have to say. Whether you choose to use a simple animation, bold images, or captivating video, make sure your visuals are high-quality and relevant to your presentation phrases and key messages.

4) Use Humor

Humor is a great way to keep the audience engaged, entertained and focused during your presentation. It is also an effective way to connect with the audience and make them remember your key messages. Using humor can help break down barriers and make people more receptive to your presentation phrases and key messages.


Incorporating humor into a presentation can also give you more confidence in speaking and help you keep your cool in a potentially stressful situation. However, it is important to be mindful of the topic of your presentation and the overall atmosphere of the event. Not everyone has the same sense of humor, so be sure to avoid jokes that may be too personal or offensive. Also, do not use humor as a crutch to make up for lacking content or inadequate preparation.

Using humor in your presentation can help you create an enjoyable atmosphere that will make your message unforgettable. Just remember to keep it light and tasteful, while still connecting it back to your main topics and key messages.

5) Be Enthusiastic

It’s important to be passionate and enthusiastic when delivering your presentation. Your enthusiasm will show your audience that you care about the topic and are engaged in the conversation. It’s also a great way to draw attention and keep people interested. People will remember the key points of your presentation if you’re passionate about it. Start by preparing some phrases that you can use to add excitement to your presentation. Use these phrases to emphasize the most important points and to make sure your audience knows what the key messages are in your presentation. Be creative and expressive with your body language and facial expressions too, as these will help get your message across more effectively. A little enthusiasm goes a long way in making sure your presentation is memorable.

6) Make It Interactive

When giving a presentation, it’s important to make it as engaging and interactive as possible. Using an AI presentation tool like Sendsteps.ai can help you easily add interactive features that can bring your presentation to life. With Sendsteps.ai, you can include interactive polls, quizzes, surveys, and more to keep your audience engaged. You can also use the tool to let the AI take over and create a full interactive presentation with engaging visuals and animation that will capture your key messages and phrases.


7) Be Prepared

Having a well prepared presentation is the key to success. To ensure your presentation message is unforgettable, it’s important to be prepared. Take time to plan out the order of your presentation and the points you want to make. Have a clear structure in mind, practice your speech and review any notes you may have. It's also helpful to develop strong presentation phrases and key messages that you can include in your talk to make sure your ideas stick with your audience. Being prepared will help you remain confident and keep your audience engaged.

8) Practice, Practice, Practice

No matter how prepared you think you are, there’s no substitute for practice. Practice your presentation with friends, family or colleagues and ask for feedback. That way you can be sure your key messages and presentation phrases are clear, effective and memorable. Rehearsing also gives you the chance to identify any issues with the flow of your presentation, so you can make changes if necessary. With enough practice, you'll be able to deliver your presentation naturally and confidently.

For extra practice, use a presentation tool such as Sendsteps.ai. This AI-powered platform allows you to practice your presentation anytime, anywhere, and get instant feedback from viewers. Plus, you can practice your presentation in Sendsteps.ai from the audience's point of view to see if all your interactive features work.

9) Dress to Impress

Presenting in front of an audience can be intimidating, and looking the part is essential. When dressing for a presentation, you should keep it professional yet comfortable. Your attire will show the audience that you are serious and passionate about your topic and will help to ensure that your presentation is taken seriously. It’s also important to remember that people form their first impression of you within the first few seconds of seeing you. Therefore, having a great look can help you make a good first impression.

When presenting, make sure to avoid clothing with patterns or flashy colors, as these can be distracting. Also make sure to avoid wearing clothes that are too casual or too tight, as this can make you appear unprofessional. Wearing solid colors is typically the best choice, but if you would like to add a bit of color and style to your presentation outfit, consider adding a scarf or jacket in a complementary hue.

Having the right look can help you feel more confident when speaking in front of a large crowd. This confidence will help you communicate your key messages and presentation phrases with more clarity and impact. Ultimately, the way you dress for your presentation will not only affect how the audience views you, but also how they perceive your presentation. So, dress to impress!

10) relax and have fun!

Presentations can be stressful, but taking a few moments to relax and have fun can make all the difference! When it comes to presentation phrases and key messages, being relaxed will help you remember them and deliver your message with confidence. Start by taking a few deep breaths and focusing on what you want to say before getting up in front of the audience. Visualize the room and imagine yourself connecting with the people there. This will help put you at ease and make your presentation more natural. Once you’re ready to begin, focus on the positive energy in the room and have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to inject a bit of humor into your presentation as it will break up any nervous tension. Your enthusiasm will help keep everyone engaged and your key messages will be more memorable. With the right attitude, you’ll be sure to leave an unforgettable impression!

Time to make a presentation

Creating a successful presentation that captivates your audience and conveys your message effectively can be a daunting task. After all, it takes time to develop the presentation slides, structure the content, design the visual aids, rehearse the speech and practice delivery of your key messages. It’s no surprise that many people feel overwhelmed and look for ways to speed up this process.

Fortunately, AI-based presentation software like Sendsteps.ai has made creating an effective presentation easier than ever. Sendsteps offers an AI-based tool that creates the most beautiful presentations for you. With its intuitive platform and wide range of customizable features, it allows users to quickly and easily customize their presentations that are sure to make an impact. Sendsteps also offers a wide variety of interactive features, such as quizzes, polls, and surveys, that will engage your audience and ensure that your presentation sticks in their minds.

So, if you’re looking to make an impression and create an unforgettable presentation, then start with Sendsteps today. You can easily design powerful presentations with engaging visuals, add interactive elements to keep your audience engaged, and rest assured knowing that you have access to a wide selection of presentation phrases and key messages that will help you make the most of your presentation.

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