Engagement Ideas for All Hands Meetings: Live Multiple Choice Questions

All hands meetings are important for keeping your company engaged and informed about the latest developments in the company and its products. They can become stale, though, if you’re using the same format every time. Try live multiple choice questions at one or more of your all hands meetings to improve engagement and make it feel new again. Learn more in this guide on how to close an all hands meeting using live multiple choice questions.

All hands meetings

Engage employees

In order to create the most engaging all hands meeting possible, we often ask our team members questions about their experience. In this blog post, we will explore a popular option for closing an all hands meeting. Live multiple choice is a great way to engage employees and have them interact. The company can provide questions or you can use topics like 'Who has a character trait you didn't expect' or 'What superhero would you describe yourself as'. This is a great way to start an all hands meeting by asking your team members to share themselves and their experiences at the company. Sendsteps is a perfect tool to host these live multiple choice questions, by using an interactive presentation.


Here are a few tips for using live multiple choice questions in an all hands meeting. Before you start, create a list of possible answers for each question. This will help you answer the questions more easily and quickly. Your audience can scan the QR code on the screen and start playing on their mobile device!


Closing the meeting

Using live multiple choice will get your team engaged and excited to attend the next all hands meeting. Pick one or two questions to help you close the meeting, such as 'What was your favorite part of today's meeting?' or 'What did you find most useful about today's meeting?'. Once you have chosen the question, select a few answer possibilities. When your audience has selected a response, it will be portrayed on the screen. Check out Sendsteps' templates or create one yourself!

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