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Connect with your audience on a deeper level with multiple choice questions that help you understand them better.

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    Increase audience engagement

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    Gauge the opinion of your audience

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    Make your presentation more fun

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Create maximum impact on your audience with Sendsteps

No credit card required | 2 Free AI presentations

Multiple choice questions are a great tool for presenters to use if they want their audience to pay attention. Having to sit through a boring presentation and not being able to contribute is frustrating for your audience because they feel like they are being ignored. Multiple choice questions give the audience an outlet where they can share their thoughts while staying engaged in your speech.

Multiple choice questions are an excellent tool for achieving your desired goal for presenting. For example, it could be used to captivate the audience from the start with multiple choice icebreaker questions. Or you could create a quiz with multipe choice and see who answers them correctly.

Sendsteps is a very useful tool that allows you to add interactive moments at various points of your presentation without changing screens. This makes Sendsteps extremely user-friendly as it takes away the hassle of switching between screens while presenting. The audience can see the correct answers and their scores live on the screen making it a great quiz maker for multiple choice.

In addition to the regular features of Sendsteps, we have an AI presentation maker: offers a unique feature that can generate an entire presentation including multiple choice questions for you based on the subject or information you give it. This saves you time and effort as you no longer have to spend time thinking about possible questions to ask. With, you can quickly create engaging quizzes and polls for your audience, enhancing their participation and overall experience.

Sendsteps' multiple choice questions feature allows presenters to ask questions to their audience and receive immediate feedback in real-time. Participants can use their own devices to answer the questions, which are displayed on a shared screen. The options for each question are presented in a list, and participants can select their answer by clicking on the corresponding option. The results of the multiple choice questions are displayed on the screen, showing the percentage of participants who selected each option.

Multiple choice questions from Sendsteps can be used in a variety of settings to engage and interact with an audience. Some examples of where a multiple choice quiz can be used include:

  • In a classroom or training environment to assess the understanding of students or trainees.
  • During a conference or event to gather feedback and opinions from attendees.
  • In a company meeting or presentation to poll employees and gather data on their thoughts and preferences.
  • In a marketing survey to gather insights and data on customers.
  • In a webinar or online presentation to engage and interact with remote attendees.

Overall, multiple choice questions can be a useful tool to increase engagement and gather data during presentations and meetings.

With Sendsteps, it is simple to include a multiple choice question in any presentation you create. After clicking Add Question, select the Multiple Choice Question type and then input your question with possible answers in the following area. You can choose which answer or group of answers will be correct. This way you have simply created a multiple choice test using Sendsteps.

With Sendsteps, you can ensure that your meetings create maximum impact on your audience. Gauge how well they understand your ideas with simple multiple choice questions. From conversation starters to course performance assessment and everything in-between, you can use multiple choice questions to elicit responses from your audience for numerous reasons.

When you’re polling or surveying your workers and employees, you can ask multiple choice questions to better assess what they think about you, their superiors, or any subject matter in the fore.

Your audience can easily flip open their phones and send in their responses without having to download any software or sign up for anything. They can send in their answers via a response website or via SMS anonymously – at no point will they be required to give out any personal information.