How to run an engaging meeting from home during the COVID-19 outbreak

What’s the best way to engage with your team, class or co-workers while you are unable to share the room? Sendsteps is the answer to that!

Online meeting

Engage others when working from home

Sendsteps believes that especially when working from home it is extremely important to keep your team members engaged and make sure that you know what really is going on in their heads. Our software will enable you to do exactly that, no matter what type of online team meeting software your are using. During the COVID-19 crisis we offer your software completely free of charge to make sure you have the best working from home experience possible. If you are curious and want to dive right in:

How to use Sendsteps with your presentation?

Download and install Download Sendsteps for free. Within 30 seconds it automatically integrates within PowerPoint. Add questions Make up your questions and define possible answer options. Start responding Let your audience respond through mobile phone using SMS, [mobile] internet or Twitter. Share results Show from your PowerPoint presentation how your audience responded.

The benefits of using Sendsteps

PowerPoint integration Sendsteps PowerPoint integration enables you to easily share presentations and results with your fellow lecturers. Simply add questions via the ribbon while audience results are automatically published within your PowerPoint slides.

Play a quiz Create a competitive element and actively involve participants. Test your participants knowledge and follow results backstage to see who is ahead. Do you have a winner?

Test their knowledge Go through a test during your session. Ask multiple choice questions and discuss the outcome on the spot. Is everything clear or do certain subjects need extra attention?

Personal dashboard An easy control of your session details. Change settings in order to activate a survey to identify participants or allow them to share vote results via social media. Get an overview of results per lecture.

Take surveys Take the attendance per lecture and allow participants to evaluate the course or semester. Access the survey results via your personal dashboard and find out whether there is room for improvement.

Downloadable results We know you love content. Easily download the results of all your votes, Q&A, quizzes, surveys, attendance lists or individual progress in excel or PDF.

Ready to start using Sendsteps? Still have questions? In that case, please contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible!

Robert Daverschot

Robert is a professional moderator, presenter and speaker coach. Robert has years of experience at home and abroad and works for a broad range of industries. He has interviewed ministers, captains of industry and even His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In his dealings with the audience, he always uses Sendsteps. With it, an audience is able to voice their opinions, whereby attendees can cast votes or send in comments to speakers and panels on stage. As such, events turn into lively dialogues with everyone being able to speak up!