How to Get Real-Time Feedback with a live multiple choice and ice breaker at a townhall meeting

If you’re like many managers, one of the first things you want to do after your next townhall meeting is to get feedback from your attendees on how well it went, what they liked and didn’t like, and how you could improve in the future. Unfortunately, in most cases this means emailing people or conducting surveys, which takes time and effort both on your part and that of your attendees. A better way to get feedback is to collect it while the event is still happening by asking questions that are quick and easy to answer. To find out how, keep reading!

Start With An Icebreaker

The best way to begin a townhall meeting is with an icebreaker. Not only do they make the meeting more fun, they also help break the ice. Also, they allow participants to feel more comfortable and less intimidated, resulting in participants being looser and giving feedback more often. A good ice breaker is one that will fit with your topic of discussion, so be sure to think about what you want to cover during your meeting. For example, if you're talking about improving customer service, a game of 'what would you do?' can be a lot of fun for everyone involved. Participants are asked what they would do in various scenarios and then given three answers from which to choose their favorite. This helps identify what people's priorities are when it comes to this issue and provides some great discussion topics for later on in the meeting.

We've created a template for the 'What would you do?' game. To claim it, click on the button below!

Picture of people at a townhall meeting

Benefits of real-time feedback

It is beneficial for a manager to get real-time feedback during a town hall meeting because it allows them to understand how their employees are feeling and what issues they may be facing in real-time. This can help managers make more informed decisions and address concerns before they escalate. Using live multiple choice questions as an ice breaker can also help create a more interactive and engaging meeting, which can lead to better participation and more honest feedback from employees. Additionally, using a multiple choice format can make it easier for employees to share their thoughts and opinions, even if they are hesitant to speak up during the meeting. Overall, incorporating real-time feedback through live multiple choice questions can be a valuable tool for managers to improve communication, engagement and overall effectiveness in their team.

Use Sendsteps

Sendsteps is a great way to get feedback on any topic with real time response capability. Here are two ways Sendsteps can be used at your next townhall meeting:

  1. Create an ice breaker (live multiple choice) quiz that gets people talking and sharing their thoughts by asking simple questions like 'What's your favorite type of candy?' or 'What's the best TV show you've watched this year?'

  2. Create a live Q&A: attendants of the townhall meeting can ask the speaker all sorts of questions, which will promote interactivity.

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