How to Increase Interactivity at Your Next Townhall Meeting Live Quiz

Quiz time! In the opening phase of your next townhall meeting, run a live quiz to get attendees engaged and show them that you’re truly interested in their opinion. This will help increase the level of interactivity and appreciation within your meeting. It also shows your audience that you’re human, approachable, and understanding of their concerns. Here are some ideas on how to use this tactic during your next townhall meeting.

Increase interactivity

One of the most effective ways to increase interactivity during your next townhall meeting is with a live quiz as stated earlier on. This will engage participants from the very beginning and encourage them to stay engaged throughout the event. Plus, it'll be a great way for you and other speakers to get a sense of what your audience knows about the topic. The opening phase of your meeting is one of the most important parts, since it's when people are likely paying the most attention. The introduction for this type of event should be short but sweet—no more than five minutes long. Be sure that you introduce yourself and provide a general overview of what you're going to cover during this meeting in order to grab people's attention from minute one.

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What is a live quiz?

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A live quiz is a way of increasing interactivity with your audience during the opening phase of your townhall meeting. It is a simple, interactive icebreaker that allows you to know what topics are most important to your audience and how they feel about them. It also helps you find areas where they want more information. All it takes is a little planning and creativity!

How to use a live quiz to increase interactivity

Here's how a live quiz works!

  • Use online software to ask questions, like Sendsteps. Questions should be displayed on a big screen and participants can answer via their phone.

  • Start by asking an easy question that everyone will be able to answer, related to the work environment.

  • Follow up with a hard question that they might not know the answer to. This way, if they get it right, they feel like their knowledge is valued, but if they don't know the answer it's not embarrassing because you give them time to think about their response.

  • Finally, ask a fun/intriguing question as a way of lightening up the mood and getting people excited for what's next!

If you want your town hall meeting to be a success, there are many things you can do. For instance, utilize a live quiz during the opening phase of the meeting. A live quiz gets people involved by giving them something engaging to do right away. It also adds an element of fun and excitement, which encourages participation in future parts of the meeting. Create this live quiz using Sendsteps for easy to use software. Try it out and see what you think today!

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