Interactivity in the Lecture Hall: A Word Cloud for Sophomores

Interactivity in the lecture hall can often be a challenge for sophomores, especially when trying to keep the attention of a large group. Fortunately, there is a way to foster interactivity and keep students engaged: using a live word cloud. By using this tool, instructors can create an interactive environment in the lecture hall and make the learning experience more enjoyable for their students. In this blog post, we will explore how to use a live word cloud to promote interactivity and engagement within the lecture hall.

sophomores studying together

The Benefits of Interactivity

First must be explained why interactivity within a lecture is preferred. Interactivity is an important component of any successful educational experience, especially for sophomores. When students are encouraged to interact with the material and their peers, they are more likely to engage with the subject, leading to better understanding and improved learning outcomes. Interactivity encourages students to think critically and ask questions, as well as fostering collaborative learning. Also, interactive learning is essential for developing critical thinking skills and promoting understanding of the course material.

The Live Word Cloud

Live word clouds are a powerful way to increase student engagement in lectures. Word clouds are collections of words and phrases that reflect the ideas being discussed in a lecture. Through a live word cloud, students can instantly submit words or phrases they feel capture the essence of the topic being discussed. The teacher then has the option to display these words on a screen, allowing all sophomores to see the contributions of their peers. This visual representation allows for a more interactive learning experience as sophomores gain an understanding of the topic from multiple perspectives. By using a live word cloud, teachers can effectively promote interactivity in the classroom. The live word cloud encourages students to think critically about the subject matter and express their opinions through a collective visualization. Additionally, the teacher can use this data to immediately adjust the pace and content of the lecture based on student interest or confusion. With this tool, lectures become more collaborative and engaging, allowing for deeper learning and understanding among the students.

Using the Live Word Cloud

To use the live word cloud, teachers should first choose a topic that is relevant to their lesson. Then, the students should be encouraged to generate as many words as possible related to the topic. These words can be submitted via their phone through Sendsteps. The answers will be shown on the shared screen, for everyone to see!

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