Online Presentations Workshop: How to Give a Perfect Live Presentation

Are you interested in learning how to give an effective online presentation during a workshop? If so, this blog post is for you! In this post, we will provide tips on how to prepare and deliver a perfect online presentation during a workshop. We'll cover how to make your presentation interactive by adding a live multiple choice quiz and how to keep your audience engaged throughout the presentation. Whether you're a freshman just starting out or an experienced presenter looking for new techniques, this post has something for everyone. So, let's get started and learn how to give a perfect online presentation during a workshop!

What is an online presentation?

An online presentation is a type of presentation that can be done through a digital platform such as a webinar or video conference. It’s often used by businesses and schools to give presentations to groups of people all at once. The presenter can use audio, visuals, and animations to explain their topics in an engaging way. During the presentation, the presenter can use live multiple choice questions to engage the audience and create an interactive experience. For example, freshmans at a university might take part in an online presentation about the different classes available for them.

Man giving an online presentation

What are the benefits of giving an online presentation?

In particular, giving an online presentation during a workshop can be a great way to engage freshmans and promote interactive learning. By giving an online presentation, you have the opportunity to reach a wider audience, allowing people from different geographical locations to access your content. Additionally, hosting a live multiple choice or other interactive elements within the presentation provides a more engaging experience for attendees.

An online presentation also eliminates some of the barriers associated with traditional presentations such as scheduling conflicts or high costs. You don’t need to worry about room bookings or catering costs, as the presentation is held completely online. Furthermore, most online platforms allow you to save and share your presentation in a variety of formats, making it easier to collaborate with others and reach a broader audience. Overall, giving an online presentation provides a unique and convenient way to engage freshmans, as well as reach a wider audience.

How to give a perfect online presentation

Giving an online presentation can be a daunting task, especially when you have to present to a large group of people. However, with the right preparation and delivery, you can ensure that your presentation goes off without a hitch. Here are some tips for giving a great live presentation.

  1. Plan your presentation. Before giving a live presentation, you should have a plan in mind for how you will present your content and what type of feedback or response you’d like to receive from your audience.

  2. Rehearse your presentation. Before giving the presentation, practice it several times so that you can make sure it flows well and that you feel comfortable with the material.

  3. Engage the audience. Ask questions throughout the presentation or use a live multiple choice survey to assess their understanding of the material. This will keep the audience engaged and allow you to tailor your presentation based on their feedback.

  4. Use visuals. Visuals such as slides, images, or videos are an effective way to illustrate complex concepts and keep the audience’s attention.

  5. Take questions from the audience. Make sure to leave time at the end of your presentation for questions from the audience. This will allow you to clarify any misunderstandings and provide additional context for those who may have missed something earlier in the presentation.

Following these tips will help ensure that your live presentation goes smoothly and that your audience understands and retains the information that was presented. Good luck!

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