Team Introductions: How to Engage Your Team Using Live Multiple Choice Questions

One of the most vital parts of team meetings is giving introductions. You want your team to stay focused and on track, so they can get back to work quickly once you’re done with your introductions and announcements. Check out these tips on how to engage your team when giving introductions with live multiple choice questions!

Introduction meetings

The importance of introductions

Introducing new team members is a great way to get people excited and engaged in their work. Giving introductions can be an easy way for you to show your leadership skills and make people feel welcome. Plus, introducing new team members gives the rest of the team a chance to get excited for their new colleagues. There are many ways that you can give introductions in front of a large group, but if you are using live multiple choice questions it's important that you keep a few things in mind.

  1. Make sure the questions are relevant and timely.

  2. Keep things simple - use two or three live multiple choice questions at most. It's easier to read questions off of a screen than on paper.

  3. Consider whether every member needs an introduction every time (i.e., will everyone know who this person is?

Tips on helping shy/introverted member

If you are introverted, shy or nervous in front of crowds and you have to give a live multiple choice introduction in a team meeting, here are a few tips that may help:

  • Think about what your strengths are and what you're good at to help with your confidence.

  • Stick to one topic at a time so it's easier for people to follow along with you when speaking.

  • Use images/diagrams/charts/graphs if they are helpful. They can also be very visually appealing and make people want to engage more as they try to figure out what it is you're talking about.

  • Use an online tool (e.g. Sendsteps) to make the introduction more interactive and fun.

  • Give people an opportunity to ask questions if they need clarification on something (this is where those charts come in handy).

Sample templates for different situations and audiences

Introducing your team at a meeting can be tough. But it doesn't have to be! Here are some tips for how to engage your team during introductions:

  • Ask each person in the group two questions about themselves (e.g., What's your favorite song? or What's one thing you'd like other people to know about you?) and ask them both before the round of introductions starts. That way, they'll have something in mind and will be able to answer more quickly when their turn comes around. You can use our online interactive tool Sendsteps to introduce the team members!

  • Plan on having three rounds of introductions, each one focusing on a different topic that is relevant for the team meeting: fun facts, work accomplishments, and goals for the coming year.

Saskia Zwaak

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