Conjugo: Follow suit. Vote on statements during a debate.

For learning and involvement

“What do you actually think about this?” A debate can help to form a clearer opinion. A subject can be fiercely defended, but what does the audience actually think about it? Will they let themselves be convinced or will it confirm what they already thought? Comments from the audience can help the debaters sharpen their points.

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IT students ask questions to prospective employers.

Ten student associations, along with event agency Conjugo, organized a career event. During brief debates, proponents and opponents of various companies discussed a statement. After each debate, the same statement was also presented to the students.

The speakers then gave a brief response to the audience with the outcome. During the debate ongoing questions and responses were submitted from the audience. The input was regularly delivered from the audience to the stage by the Sendsteps Sidekick.


The debates kept the students engaged and thinking, partly because their own questions were constantly being discussed. The participating companies felt challenged and were pleased with the refreshing approach to the career event. After each debate, the students became more confident to approach, and talk with, the professionals. They also expressed that the event gave them a much better picture of their future fields.