Libra: Show all you’ve got. Analyze and answer questions together.

For change and inspiration

How do you find out what your audience really thinks? Sure, you can walk through the audience offering up a microphone for responses and questions, but you never know what you’ll get – not to mention you’ll lose out on valuable opinions and questions from those that aren’t comfortable enough to step up to the microphone. Instead, you can give the audience an opportunity to respond anonymously via mobile phone. By openly discussing the responses with team members or stakeholders together, you’ll quickly get right to the heart of the matter.


Employees speak out about changes.

The Board of Directors of Libra Rehabilitation & Audiology had already spoken with their team about changes within the organization. However, the board wondered why the team wasn’t acting like a cohesive team. Were the changes clear? In alignment with the organization, ten statements were presented to the team and discussed under the guidance of an independent moderator.



The employees felt encouraged by the results on the screen. After a while they began to realize it was a safe environment to discuss some sensitive topics. They shared, “Things must change, but often there’s so little acknowledgment paid to the things that already work well”. At the end of the session, the board not only received the voting results, but also gained a valuable insight from the employees. This allowed them to adjust company policy and communications, and create a more supportive direction for the organization.