Use Case 01

Teacher in front of a classroom

Mockup of a quiz question


A teacher is trying to keep her students interested and engaged, while still teaching them the material they need to learn. Today’s kids are growing up with full access to their smartphones, tablets and laptops, they’re used to seeing interesting content with every swipe of their thumb. So, you can see how keeping their interest in a 45 minute class, on a topic they probably didn’t get to choose, could be a challenge.



Using the Sendsteps Quiz, the teacher starts teaching her lesson. After the first 5 minutes of her lesson, Sendsteps Quiz will ask her students to answer some basic and simple questions. Based upon the correct answers, and how fast the students answer, each student receives points in the Sendsteps solution. The coolest part is, that at the end of the class, the students can see who has the most points and who’s the winner. Let’s face it, we all love to win, that’s why playing the Sendsteps Quiz is a great way to motivate students to pay attention, engage and stay focused on the lesson, creating a fun, engaging classroom for everyone!


How to get started using our Sendsteps PowerPoint add-in (PC only)

  • Sign up for FREE and download the add-in (download page will pop up automatically)
  • Click install the add-in and wait until it loads the first presentation automatically
  • Then press the button in the Sendsteps ribbon in the top-left corner (Add question) and select Quiz (first button on top left corner) on the pop-up and fill in the question and the possible answers
  • You can fully adjust your presentation; from different fonts, colors, adding your company logo/brand etc.
  • Click ‘Start session’ (the play button in the Sendsteps ribbon) and then “Start slideshow”

How to get started using only a browser

  • Go to
  • Create an account FREE of charge
  • Type in the first question with the possible answers and select one/more of the answers correctly
  • Click the ‘Present Slideshow’ button

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