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Audience Voting

Ask the audience questions via PowerPoint and allow them to respond using their smartphone. Receive immediate feedback and use it to support your interactive presentation!

Post and Ask Questions

Get instant feedback from the audience. Filter the most valuable remarks. Deal with issues in the moment.Use the Sendsteps Sidekick to represent the voice of the audience. Make full use of the knowledge of those who are present!

With your Smartphone

No need to download an app. Everyone can participate immediately via their laptop, tablet or smart phone. Sendsteps is an intuitive and user-friendly audience response system!

Easy to use, try it now!

Due to the integration of the Sendsteps audience response system in PowerPoint, the tool is simple enough for anyone to use on their own. Formulate your questions and add them to create an interactive presentation. Apply your own design and you are ready to go. However, if you would like our help we can attend your event and provide on-site support! We’ll take care of everything! In the meantime, why not download the audience response system and use it for free with up to 20 people!


Consultants of audience interaction

At Sendsteps we see hundreds of events taking place every year. We know how to engage and shape participation whatever the size of your audience. We can advise on how best engage your audience using an interactive presentation. We can help you to formulate great questions. We can even facilitate the meeting for you!

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Flexible in your needs

Partner Apps

Sendsteps works together with renowned event app brands. A seamless integration  with our audience response system helps an audience to remain engaged throughout the day!

Your Branded Site

We can provide you with a response web site using your corporate design and a web address of your choice providing your audience with a professional image.

Data Security

High end meetings. Does your audience include captains of industry, ministers of state and diplomats? Our servers guarantee 100% security of data. Within the audience response system everything remains confidential.

Result Reports

Obtain a summary of vote results and audience feedback immediately after your session in PDF or Excel format. Use this valuable information for marketing purposes. Share it with your team to develop winning strategies!

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