Boost Interaction With Our Integrations

Expand your interaction toolbox on PowerPoint or Microsoft Teams using Sendsteps integrations. We’ve lined up a massive collection of interactive features, including several visualization and analytic tools.


Integrate Sendsteps into your favourite presentation software

Grown fond of your favourite presentation software but would you love to access a wider range of interactive features than it currently has? Sendsteps can make your presentation software more useful by expanding its range of functionalities.

With Sendsteps, you won’t have to flip between multiple windows to access various interactive features. That means you don’t have to worry about setting up and managing different software during your presentation.

This can boost productivity and creativity, allowing you to carry out a wider range of operations on a familiar platform. As a result, your audience engagement will increase.

Microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams app

You can also enrich your interactions on Microsoft Teams with Sendsteps. Our Microsoft Teams app also works with a breezy installation process and seamless operations. That way, you won’t confuse yourself or your audience when trying to deploy additional interactive tools to advance your discussions.

With a few clicks of a button, you can set up upvoting questions, live polling, word clouds, and many more during your Microsoft Teams meetings. Your audience can also participate without learning how to use new software or sign up for anything.

Advantages of an integration

You can explore our integrations in a wide range of settings, from business meetings to seminars, webinars, educational events, and lots more. That’s because, in all these events, Sendsteps enables you to harness the benefits of different software on a unified interface.

That means you’ll have:

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    Enhanced analytics with increased availability of more useful data

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    Greater persuasion powers with more insightful analysis and more powerful two-way interactive tools

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    A simplified operational process with fewer decisions and efforts needed

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    Enhanced audience engagement by further enriching your audience’s experience with more interactive tools


Boost your integrations today!