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Audience Response System

Vote via a website and SMS

Let your audience vote using a website or SMS. Formulate trigger questions to challenge your audience or play a quiz! Once a question appears live on screen, the Sendsteps audience response system allows you to vote via a laptop, tablet or smart phone. Results will appear on the screen in an instant. Now you will know what your audience really thinks!

Post via a website and SMS

Allow your audience to ask questions or challenge them to send in ideas during an interactive presentation. Delegates can react there and then to what you are saying via a website or SMS using Sendsteps audience response system. Filter audience input backstage and deal with questions either during or immediately after a session. A selection of audience comments can be shown on the presentation screen.

The Sendsteps Sidekick

The Sendsteps Sidekick acts as the audience advocate and speaks on their behalf. The Sidekick monitors audience questions and comments throughout the presentation. He analyses content and decides what, when and how to create a dialogue with the speaker. That way you can ensure relevant issues and topics are highlighted.

More info about our Sidekick

Response Website

Let your audience respond via a website. Here they can also follow tweets, take a survey or share vote results via social media and e-mail!

Branding and Design

Customize the look and feel of Sendsteps. Your company brand and colors can be prominently displayed on your response website and all PowerPoint slides. Make audience engagement a hallmark of your organization.

Data Security

Audience feedback that you collect during an interactive presentation can be extremely valuable. We work with the highest data security settings. With our audience response system we partner with many large corporate and governmental organizations.


Sendsteps is easy to use. Download and use the audience response system for free up to 20 people. Add questions with help of the Sendsteps Add-in to your PowerPoint and … you’re ready to go!

Onsite Support

We can assist you with formulating questions and setting up your interactive presentation. During your event we take care of everything!


Are you planning regular in-house sessions? You can have the Sendsteps audience response system installed on your computers and use it any time you want. 24×7!

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