Meetings? We’ve Got You Covered

A Versatile Collection of Audience Engagement Features for all Your Meetings. Sendsteps provides a comprehensive collection of interactive tools that’ll help you win the hearts of your audience. Our toolset is trusted by thousands of customers across the globe. From small businesses to large corporations, instructors, and marketers.


Shareholder Meeting

You can drive productive conversations during your shareholder meeting with a massive collection of question types, visualization tools, and reliable technical support. Our versatile tools are ideal for Annual General Meetings (AGMs), Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs), and just about any form of a shareholder meeting.

Question types

Hybrid Meetings

With a hybrid meeting, you can reach out to in-person and virtual audiences simultaneously. Sendsteps gives you all the tools you need to create an unforgettable hybrid meeting. You’ll find suitable interactive features to create a collaborative environment in any type of hybrid meeting, including:

All hands Meetings

An all hands meeting, or town hall, provides a great opportunity to put across relevant information to all members of your organization. Sendsteps’ interactive tools can help you organize and roll out an all hands meeting – even within short notice – to discuss important developments.


General Meetings

General meetings are designed to help you discuss relevant issues with all your shareholders. With Sendsteps, you can host general meetings where everyone feels a strong sense of belonging and is highly motivated to make productive contributions. Sendsteps allows you to set up many different types of interactive slides. It provides a response channel to let your audience participate.

Word Cloud

You can prevent boredom by transforming your audience's responses into fascinating word cloud arts.


Test your audience’s knowledge and memory of certain things.

Live Polling

You can get them to cast their votes to decide on certain issues collectively.

Ranking questions

You can put out ranking questions if you’re not sure what questions to discuss. Let your audience vote on the most important topics to discuss.

Survey Questions

You can gauge their opinions on a variety of subjects using a wide collection of question types, from questions with one-liner texts to those with paragraph texts, multiple choices, and checkboxes.

Make your next meeting interactive with Sendsteps