Find out issues that resonate the most with your audience with our simple system for upvoting.


Key benefits

  • Tickbox

    Generate ideas that truly resonate with your audience

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    Give your audience a voice

  • Tickbox

    Gain insight into the thoughts of your audience

  • Tickbox

    Maximize audience engagement

Ideas that truly resonate with your audience

Running out of ideas in your meeting or event? You can lift off to another level by drawing inspiration from your audience in real-time. With our upvoting tool, you can generate ideas that truly resonate with your audience without any effort on your part. Simply bounce a selection of ideas and questions on your audience, and let them decide with their upvotes. You will find the most interesting topics for maximum audience engagement without breaking a sweat. You can start by asking simple open questions like "What subjects would you like to discuss?" The audience will then either send in their responses or upvote questions that someone else has already asked. In the end, you'll come up with a bunch of ideas and questions that the audience truly cares about.


You don’t need any level of technical experience to apply our upvote questions in any situation. Once you roll out your selection of questions and comments, Sendsteps’ algorithms will automatically collect and count all the votes, and then present you with the most upvoted entries.

What's more, you can filter the upvoted questions. That way, you have maximum control over what goes up on the shared screen and can easily quell distractions from embarrassing questions.

Audience engagement tools

Upvoting is one of the most powerful tools to maximize audience engagement for group meetings and events. So powerful to the point where it’s a common feature on prominent engagement platforms across the web, from social media to forums, membership sites, and many others. However, with Sendsteps, you don’t need your audience to go to any of these platforms or sign up for anything at all to send in their votes on any issue. Simply go to your Sendsteps account during your presentations and send out your questions/comments, and your audience can participate anonymously via text or a response website.

Brainstorm session

Use upvoting questions when brainstorming during your team meetings.


If you're not sure of what truly excites your audience during webinars or seminars, roll out some upvoting questions!


Got some fun ideas you'd love to try for teambuilding? Let your team members vote on them!

During classes

Revising with your students? You can use our upvoting questions to find out what topics your students are struggling with.

Let your audience’s voices be heard!