Increase Engagement During Hybrid Meetings

Top-notch audience engagement tools for hybrid meeting

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Bring people together in hybrid meetings

Enjoy easy access to interactive tools for seamless interactions during your hybrid meeting. We offer a straightforward user interface and reliable technical support. Explore Sendsteps’ hybrid meeting tools today.

Host an impactful hybrid meeting with Sendsteps. We are your go-to platform for hosting a hybrid meeting for your classes, team meetings, and corporate events. Explore our audience engagement tools today

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A Comprehensive Interactive Suite for your next Hybrid Meeting

With Sendsteps, you can bring together the best of online and in-person meetings in your hybrid meeting. A hybrid meeting enables you to host both in-person and virtual audiences simultaneously. In an era where physical gatherings are limited almost everywhere, a hybrid meeting is an ideal tool to get everyone in the same room while honoring restrictions on the size of gatherings.

We’ve lined up hybrid meeting equipment to help give your audience an cross-channel experience. The tools will help you drive your message home to your audience and also collect feedback from them. From interactive tools to Microsoft Teams and PowerPoint integrations, and the web app, you can use Sendsteps’ interactive tools. You’ll also get excellent technical support from our customer care agents and onsite event managers that can be present throughout your event.

Start Conversations during Meetings with Just a Few Simple Steps

Sendsteps’ clean, stable interface helps you deploy a wide range of interactive tools in a breeze. From start to finish, the installation takes just a few minutes, after which you can deploy any of the interactive features with just a few steps.

With our user-friendly interface, you can set up professional-looking interactive slides, even if you have no prior experience with coding or graphics design.

Your audience will also participate through a seamless process. They can send in their replies through a simple response website or via SMS, with no need to register or download anything.


Create a Positive Collaborative Environment During Hybrid Meetings

With our interactive platform, you can create a collaborative environment where everyone can easily share their knowledge and contribute inputs. These productive collaborations can boost your chances of achieving your organization goals and strengthening bonds among your team members.

Use Sendsteps for your hybrid meeting!

No credit card required | 2 Free AI presentations

A hybrid meeting can often pose a challenge for those who are tasked with facilitating it. But Sendsteps makes things easier by ensuring your presentation runs smoothly. All you need to do is prepare the content for your presentation and start it at the designated time. Make sure to screen share the presentation so that the online audience can see the presentation and participate from afar and start delivering your best hybrid meeting.


  • Reach out to a wider audience and generate more leads with way less effort
  • Engage both online and in-person audiences
  • Create a collaborative environment that promotes good work ethics and also gives those at home a great opportunity to build rapport with others in the company
  • Moderate your responses with Sendsteps’ response filter or moderator services
  • Provide opportunities for members of your audience to connect with new friends and expand their corporate network
  • Gauge the impact of your event and discover ways to raise your engagement and retention rates

Our hybrid meeting technology is most easily used by sharing your screen in your preferred online meeting tool (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc.). This way, your audience at home can view the presentation on their own device and scan the qr code that Sendsteps presentation automatically generates. This way, anyone who scans the qr code -regardless of whether they are watching your presentation live or from elsewhere- can participate in the hybrid virtual event.

Ensuring that each attendee is actively involved throughout your hybrid meeting can be a challenging task, but it doesn't have to be! One solution is to have different moments of engagement in your presentation. The audience will always expect questions coming up at any time, which makes it so much more exciting for them - because they know there could be a question coming up next! This can be done through a quiz, a great competitive and fun way to engage. You can also add a Word Cloud to your presentation where the audience will be challenged to send in creative ideas. Here’s more information all about questions and how they create opportunities for interactivity!

Survey Questions

You can gauge their opinions on a variety of subjects using a wide collection of question types, from questions with one-liner texts to those with paragraph texts, multiple choices, and checkboxes.

Word Cloud

You can prevent boredom by transforming your audience's responses into fascinating word cloud arts.


Test your audience’s knowledge and memory of certain things.

Live Polling

You can get them to cast their votes to decide on certain issues collectively.

Ranking questions

You can put out ranking questions if you’re not sure what questions to discuss. Let your audience vote on the most important topics to discuss.

No, Sendsteps can be used as an addition to video call software but is not a replacement. The only equipment needed for hybrid meetings is a video call software (e.g. Microsoft Teams, zoom) and a hybrid event software like the Sendsteps presentation tool.