Meeting polling for successful online meetings

Organize the best interactive online meetings with the meeting polling software from Sendsteps.

Interaction is the key to success

Keeping participants engaged during an online meeting can be just as difficult as giving a physical presentation in a packed auditorium. That is because we can only concentrate for a short time. After that we lose attention. These signals are easier to notice during a physical meeting. In an online meeting it is a challenge to analyse all participants on the screen at a glance. In addition, they are in a familiar environment, so distraction is lurking. By interacting, all participants remain actively involved. Meeting polling from Sendsteps adds an interactive element to online meetings and makes every meeting a success!

Meeting polling for successful online meetings: Interaction is the key to success
Meeting polling for successful online meetings: Why Sendsteps?

Why Sendsteps?

Presentations are important contact moments when people work from home or at a flexible workplace. You can enhance online meetings by measuring the opinion of participants live. So, rely on our free meeting poll. Sendsteps is used in more than 50 countries, by more than 1000 professionals per day!

  • Works fully integrated with PowerPoint
  • No special hardware, download or meeting poll app necessary for your audience
  • Is completely anonymous
  • Gives you real-time results
  • 100% Data security
  • Apply your own design and branding

Fits within the software you already use

The meeting polling tool is fully integrated in PowerPoint. This way you can easily create online polls and add them to your presentation with a few clicks. When all participants are ready for the online meeting, just share your screen. Now, everyone can view the live results on their own screen.

Does your online meeting need a boost?

Then create a free account today and add the polling for meetings to your presentation within a few minutes.

Meeting polling for successful online meetings: Create engaging online polls

Create engaging polls

After downloading the meeting voting software, it is up to you to come up with interesting questions for your free meeting poll or meeting quiz. Ask questions that are relevant to the participants and make sure the questions are short and simple. You can then easily add them to your PowerPoint presentation.

Share your screen

To share the presentation with your audience, you need a Windows computer and online meeting software such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, etc. Share your screen so that all participants can watch the presentation. Do you proceed to a slide with a poll? Then participants can respond via the browser on their computer or mobile device. No meeting polling app is required for this. The answers can be seen in the presentation in real time. This way, participants can directly start a conversation with each other.

Meeting polling for successful online meetings: Share your screen
Meeting polling for successful online meetings: Collect feedback

Collect feedback

The meeting voting tool provides honest answers from your audience and provides insight into the deeper feelings of participants. You can also easily check whether the message has been conveyed correctly. Besides, you can collect feedback by adding an extra question. In this way, the following presentations keep getting a little better. After the meeting you will have a detailed report with which you can read the meeting response and feedback in peace.

Data is anonymous & 100% secured

All participants can participate anonymously during the online meeting. That is a nice thought when sensitive topics are discussed. In this way, it is easier for participants to submit answers. In addition, all submitted data is securely stored, so that no one has to worry about it. Communication between you and your audience is always properly locked.

Meeting polling software: test it for free!

Do you want to take your online meetings to the next level? Then use the Sendsteps meeting voting software for your next online meeting. It is the perfect interactive addition to the software you are already using. With the free download of the PowerPoint add-in, you can start today. Do not worry, it is completely without obligation. Try it out now completely free and download Sendsteps for free. Your online meeting has never been so interactive!

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