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Powerful Audience Engagement Tools for Online Communication

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Turn On Your Online Audience with Stimulating Interactive Tools

Online meetings have become the front and center of collaboration and communication these days, and people with little or no prior experience with online meetings are finding it hard to catch up. However, Sendsteps is here to bridge the knowledge and technology gap, allowing you to host world-class meetings filled with vibrant interactions, regardless of your technical experience. Sendsteps will help significantly raise your chances of achieving your online communication goals.

Clustered bar

Captivating Visualization Tools

One of the downsides of an online meeting is inattentiveness – you just can’t tell what other things your audiences are occupied with while streaming your event. Online audiences are notorious for their short attention span during online meetings. However, we can help you secure maximum attention from your audience. With visualization tools like word clouds and clustered bars, you can avoid boring text presentations and present complex information in a way that’s pleasing to the eyes and easy to remember. You can also initiate interactions with quizzes, multiple choice questions and other features to help them stay focused.

Seamless Integrations for Microsoft Teams and PowerPoint

You can use the integrations from Sendsteps to access a wider range of online meeting tools on your PowerPoint or Microsoft Teams platform. What’s more, Sendsteps slides are interchangeable on these meeting apps. For instance, you can create a Sendsteps slide on PowerPoint and access it on Microsoft Teams or the Sendsteps web app. Note, however, that slides created in Microsoft Teams or the web app can only be transferred to the web app and Microsoft Teams, not PowerPoint.

Simple Response Channels

Your audience will also find it quite easy to interact with you, no matter where they may be. All they need to do to respond to any slide is open a simple web portal on their browser and then type in their responses. They can also send an SMS with their responses to a number displayed on the shared screen. They don’t need to download anything or carry out any complex technical requirement.

A Straightforward Web App

We’ve lined up interactive tools on our web app, and also give you seamless access to them. You can set up many different types of interactive slide and collect responses in a breeze. The web app is accessible via any web browser, thereby giving our users flexible access to interactive tools for online meetings. What's more, with Sendsteps' flexible design you won't have to worry about losing access to your presentation clips. If you lose internet connection, Sendsteps will save all changes to your file while you're offline. And when you're back online, Sendsteps will automatically upload your changes to the cloud!

The Benefits of Using Sendsteps' Web App

  • An excellent user experience with a straightforward learning curve
  • Flexible access
  • State-of-the-art encryption and data security protocols
  • Create presentation clips on the web app and access them via Microsoft Teams
  • Excellent technical support

Filter Your Responses

When receiving responses, you can screen out the negative ones before sharing them with your audience. Simply click on the ‘Add Filter’ button when creating your question slides, and a new screen will open up where every response will be submitted for you to review.

Open-ended questions

See how well your audience is following you with open-ended questions like ‘Do you understand?’ ‘What do you think about this initiative?’ etc.


Collect opinions and suggestions about various issues. For example, you can send out a survey question at the end of the meeting to find out how they are feeling about and what they would like to see improved next time.


Address any questions that members of your audience may have in mind,.

Visualization tools

Use tools like word cloud and clustered bars to present complex information in a way that is easier to digest.

Upvoting questions

Let them vote on the most important responses generated by other members. For instance, they can upvote responses that mention issues or subjects that need to be discussed further.

Branding Options

You also have the option to display your brand logo and colours on your interaction screens.

Make your next online meeting interactive with Sendsteps

No credit card required | 2 Free AI presentations