Audience response system

Create interaction and receive real-time feedback during your presentation. Engaging your audience has never been so easy with the audience response system of Sendsteps.

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Multiple choice questions

Key advantages of live polling


Create unforgettable events

Create events that leave a lasting impression on your audience, engaging them with interactions that are hard to forget.


Enhance audience engagement levels

In many instances, one-ways speeches can be boring and monotonous. A two-way communication stimulates greater engagement levels. Your audience will feel greater motivation to participate when they’re allowed to air their opinions live during the session.


Track individual feedback

Each member of your audience participates with a unique identity which makes it easier for you to track each individual’s responses. This enables you to carry everyone along. However, in some sensitive situations, you can let your audience vote anonymously.


Gather instant audience feedback

You can ensure that your audience understands you when you’re receiving instant feedback.

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Give your audience an engaging and memorable experience with the audience response system app Sendsteps. No credit card required | 2 Free AI presentations

As the name suggests, an audience response system is designed to facilitate two-way communications between a presenter and an audience. You can pose different types of questions to your audience such as multiple choice questions, quizzes, word clouds etc.

It can be used to get valuable information from the attendees of your meeting, conference, workshop, or other event. Sendsteps is an audience response system app that makes interaction easy. It’s an efficient way to gather information and make presentations at your event more interactive and entertaining for everyone involved.

Collect feedback in real-time or test the knowledge of your audience. Sendsteps comes with a range of audience engagement features, including those for moderation, analysis-ready reports, and lots more to help you maximize the impact of your events.

Seamless end-to-end process

Sendsteps comes with a smooth learning curve for both the presenter and participants. You can easily integrate Sendsteps into presentation apps like PowerPoint.

Your audience will also find the system quite straightforward to use. They don’t need to download or sign up for anything. They simply need to open a website on their smartphone and then enter their responses on a simple form field.

An audience response system app facilitates communication between the presenter and the audience. Presenters use it to engage and interact with their audience. Sendsteps is a web based audience response system and has multiple interactive question types like quizzes, multiple choice questions, word clouds and more to engage your audience. Audience members can submit their responses to questions or polls in real-time, using a mobile device. This data is then collected and displayed in an easy-to-understand format which can be used during the presentation.

Use the audience response system app Sendsteps

Follow these steps to start interacting with your audience:

  1. Log in or create a Sendsteps account
  2. Create your Sendsteps presentation and add question types
  3. Invite your audience to join by scanning the QR code
  4. Collect input from your audience
  5. The answers will appear live on screen

Using an online audience response system has many benefits:

- Connect with your audience An audience interactive response system creates meaningful conversations and allows you to really build a connection with the audience. - Maximize engagement levels Engage your audience with the multiple interactive question types. - Give memorable presentations Interact with your audience and stand out from ordinary presentations. - Get real-time audience insights Receive instant feedback from your audience and understand how they feel. - Cost efficient A high quality presentation doesn’t have to cost much. A cheap audience response system like Sendsteps gives you all the interaction you need.

Whether you’re hosting a seminar, conference, workshop, or event that needs to be more interactive and engaging, the web based audience response system Sendsteps is the way to go. It’s an audience voting response system that can be used within PowerPoint. It stimulates interaction and allows you to capture the attention of the audience while collecting valuable insights.

You can explore all these benefits in a wide variety of settings, including:

  • Corporate events
  • Teambuilding events
  • AGMs and Research meetings
  • Game shows
  • Group classes
  • and many more…