Because Sendsteps helps you to unlock so many questions from your audience, you can easily run out of Q&A time. In the old days your audience would be too shy to ask a question. That’s why you could easily schedule 5 minutes for a Q&A. Now that Sendsteps allows everyone to easily participate, you’ll suddenly run out of Q&A time! So what to do next? Try applying one of these three ideas and turn all unanswered questions into clever contact moments after your event!

Setup a Pop-Up Expert Meeting: Let the unanswered questions inspire you to come up with a small and low-profile meeting in one the coming weeks. In this meeting, you’ll further discuss the unanswered questions with some of your stakeholders. This will give you the quality time that is so often missed during a regular Q&A. It will keep your theme alive and it will sparkle follow up actions! Don’t make it bigger than it is, keep it short and simple!

Use your CEO’s Blog: Browse through all of the questions and discover the themes that clearly are alive among your audience. Don’t try to answer individual questions, but give a short summary. Now unlock your vision and share the content on the organization’s intranet. Maybe you can even use your CEO’s blog for this? An easy fix that’s well appreciated by your audience!

Vlog interview with your speakers: Try to catch your speakers fresh from the stage and lock them up in a video room. Now let them answer three cool, interesting and fun questions; Questions that couldn’t be answered on stage. Let your speaker answer in front of a camera or iPhone. Now either stream it live on your event website or tape it and share it on your social media. An extra advantage: those that can’t attend, will still feel the vibe!

So what are you waiting for? Setup your question with the Sendsteps add-in and catch all the burning questions to your speakers and panel members! You’re all set for a great buzz beyond your event!

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