Decision making with a group


As the leader of a team or company, it’s always a balancing act to determine how much of a decision should be made on your own, versus how much to have your team, company or colleagues weigh in. Some of the easiest ways to ask a group its opinion, is to ask for a show of hands, ask them to write it down or ask them to do an email survey. However, with each of those methods, there can be downsides. Raising a hand might ask for a favorable decision that is liked by the CEO, and can be influenced by group thinking and desirable outcomes. Doing a survey or writing it down anonymously can be better, but it takes time to tally the results.


Using the Sendsteps voting feature, the leader shares his message in a short speech and then asks his employees or team members to vote on the options. But before voting, he makes sure to clearly let them know that their voices and opinions are valued and appreciated. The results are tallied automatically by our Sendsteps service, and right away, everyone can see the results on the next slide. Using this method empowers the team to respond quickly, and anonymously. Plus, if a question or decision spurs a new thought or question, new questions can be added on the spot to vote on.

How to get started using only a browser

  • Go to
  • Create an account FREE of charge
  • Type in the first question with the possible answers and select one/more of the answers correctly
  • Click the ‘Present Slideshow’ button

How to get started using our Sendsteps PowerPoint add-in (PC only)

  1. Sign up for FREE and download the add-in (download page will pop up automatically)
  2. Click install the add-in and wait until it loads the first presentation automatically
  3. Then press the button in the Sendsteps ribbon in the top-left corner (Add question) and select Quiz (first button on top left corner) on the pop-up and fill in the question and the possible answers
  4. You can fully adjust your presentation; from different fonts, colors, adding your company logo/brand etc.
  5. Click ‘Start session’ (the play button in the Sendsteps ribbon) and then “Start slideshow”
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