Interactive workspaces. How do they look like? And what does it take to realize them? Clients who once used Sendsteps during a one-off event experienced the power of interaction. Many of them decided to proceed with the use of Sendsteps: in-house and via year license of the software. Our Customer Success Manager interviewed 4 professionals who represent diverse industries and who all use Sendsteps within their company. Meet Fedde, Karlijn [VodafoneZiggo], António [BCG] and Ferry [KLM] and hear how they create interactive workspaces: with passion and success!

Why these interactive workspaces value engagement?

Basically every gathering of stakeholders or employees gives an opportunity for interaction. And with it an opportunity to create value. A vision that is shared and carried by all three interviewed companies. It offers great chances to:

  • … collect data from everyone
  • … increase response rates on questions, surveys
  • … get to the core by allowing anonymous participation
  • … cut travel costs by facilitating online participation
  • … safe time by handy stored data on individual and group level
  • … create content to be used for new actions

How these interactive workspaces apply engagement?

There’s many forms to think of in which you can apply audience interaction. VodafoneZiggo uses Sendsteps to facilitate interaction during employee meetings, whereas BCG collects valuable data during client sessions. Other meetings to which you can apply audience engagement are:

  • Training sessions
  • Townhall meetings
  • Quarterly / Yearly Results
  • Recruitment events
  • Boardroom meetings
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Webinars & Hybrid events
  • Playing a quiz

Each meeting requires its own approach if it concerns the type and timing of these questions and how to deal with the outcome of the questions. The better prepared, the more valuable the outcome of your interactive session will be.

nandi2Inspired by Fedde, Karlijn, António and Ferry? At Sendsteps we’re here to assist and we’re excited to get you going with [more] interaction at your workspace too!

Contact us and book a demo. Our Customer Success Manager Nandi will share some best practises with you! Explore with her how Sendsteps can boost the interaction at your workspace too!

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