Don't Let Sprint Planning Turn Into a Chore - Here's How to Have Fun With It!

Sprint planning doesn't have to be a dreaded chore. It can actually be fun! By introducing an opening phase and live multiple choice, sprint planning can become an exciting and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. In this blog post, we'll show you how you can make sprint planning a fun activity instead of a chore.

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The importance of sprint planning

When it comes to successful project management, sprint planning is a critical component. It sets the foundation for teams to work together efficiently and to ensure all tasks are completed on time. But sprint planning can become tedious and a bit of a chore, especially if done incorrectly or inefficiently. That's why it's important to use innovative tools and approaches when it comes to sprint planning. Using an opening phase before the main meeting is a great way to introduce and familiarize team members with the project scope and objectives. Live multiple choice questions are another great way to keep sprint planning fun and engaging. This technique involves presenting questions to the team in real-time, while they vote on their answer via their devices (e.g. laptop, phone). By utilizing these techniques during your sprint planning meetings, you can help ensure that your team is focused, productive and energized.

How to make sprint planning more fun

Sprint planning doesn’t have to be a chore; in fact, it can be a lot of fun! By injecting some creativity into the process, you can make sprint planning more engaging and dynamic. To get started, kick off your planning session with an opening phase. This should be an interactive exercise that gets everyone energized and ready to collaborate. For example, you could ask everyone to brainstorm ideas for the sprint theme or have a conversation about the team's most recent accomplishments.

Once you're ready to dive into the details of the sprint, try using live multiple choice exercises. This will help keep your team engaged and energized, while also allowing for some friendly competition. Ask questions about upcoming tasks or goals for the sprint and give everyone several possible answers to choose from. Be sure to make the questions interesting and fun – no one wants to answer boring questions! Making sprint planning more engaging can help keep morale high and give your team a sense of ownership over their work. By starting with an opening phase and using live multiple choice activities, you can make sprint planning more enjoyable and productive.

Saskia Zwaak

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