Get Real-Time Feedback during a Townhall Meeting

The value of a townhall meeting often lies in the real-time feedback the participants provide. They answer questions like 'How did this meeting make you feel?' and 'What do you wish had been discussed?'. Providing live multiple choice answers to these questions allows your team to share their thoughts anonymously, so there’s no fear of offending anyone else or hurting feelings.

talking people at townhall meeting

Setting up the room

The first thing to do is set up the room. You want everyone to be able to see and hear each other easily, so it's best to use a rectangular space like an auditorium or conference room. Next, you'll need some way for people to submit questions anonymously. The easiest way is with Sendsteps - just make your team log in and submit their answers through their devices.

Starting off your townhall meeting

The townhall meeting is an important part of the business culture in your company. As you close the meeting, you get to gather feedback and input on how to make things better. Here are three ways to gather feedback at your next town hall meeting:

1) Use live multiple choice questions Ask for live feedback and give people more than one answer to choose from, so they can give more nuanced responses that help you understand what they want or need. 2) Share success stories Share a story about how something has worked well and ask your team if they have any ideas on how it could be improved. 3) Share failures Bring up an idea that didn't work out and ask for suggestions on how it could have been made better.

Implementing Live Multiple Choice

Live polls are an efficient way to get real-time feedback and make your townhall meeting more interactive. You can use them when closing the meeting by asking questions and getting feedback on topics that were discussed. If you're not sure what live multiple choice is all about, here's how it works:

  • You're hosting a townhall meeting to give your team members the chance to answer any last minute questions before the end of the day.

  • You would open the floor for everyone in attendance to click on the answer on their device that they resemble with.

  • Each person would have either unlimited time or a time limit to vote, which allows you to manage the time spend on the questions.

Sendsteps creates an interactive environment, which ensures that the meetings are engaging and interactive. Besides, it gives everyone a feeling that they’re part of the discussion. Helping to get your townhall meeting off on the right foot, an interactive session can provide new perspective. These benefits make this approach well worth trying – so let’s get started!

Roksanna van Dam

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