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Are you preparing for an interactive presentation with Sendsteps? Here you can find the technical specifications to ensure you’re all set for your upcoming presentation!


  • Internet [preferably via a wired connection]
  • Mobile 3G or 4G connectivity
  • Projection screen + beamer + [VGA] cable
  • When using Sendsteps on your own: Download the Sendsteps Add-in on the computer you will be using on the day of the event

Mobile connectivity:

A standard mobile connection is sufficient to send in via SMS. If participants will also send in via internet then a normal 3G or 4G mobile connection via the telecom provider is sufficient. Participants don’t need a WiFi connection, unless there is no 3G/4G connectivity. If it concerns an international event where participants will have to pay for their 3G/4G connection, only then we advise to also have a WiFi connection available.

Important for internet!:

A stable internet connection is essential to receive reliable results:

  • Normal broadband internet [cable or adsl] is more than sufficient [1Mbit up and 1Mbit down]
  • A wired connection is strongly recommended [usually more reliable, less influences from external factors] over WiFi.

When using WiFi:

With the use of WiFi it is important that enough devices [smartphones/laptops/tablets] can login to the same WiFi network. The speed of the WiFi is mainly not the problem, but the amount of connections often is. Make sure that enough devices on location can access the WiFi. This means if your audience size is 200 and you prefer to use the WiFi instead of a 3G network, that the WiFi should be able to handle 200 devices. Next to that you can also decide to exclude other websites [e.g. Facebook and Youtube] to be visited via the WiFi network in order not to negatively influence the speed of the response website.

We recommend the Sendsteps computer to be connected with a different WiFi network than the audience.

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