How to End Your Next Townhall on a High Note with Live Multiple Choice

The one thing that all great townhall meetings have in common? Interactivity has the upper hand, with participants asking questions and engaging with the presenters. Unfortunately, most townhall meetings end without an opportunity for audience members to further engagement with the presenters. Here's how to increase your audience's engagement by stimulating interactivity with live multiple choice.

Polling Is Important in Any Meeting

One great way to stimulate interactivity is by using polling. At the end of the meeting, you can ask participants questions that will help you gauge how they feel about different topics.

For example, you might ask: 'What was your favorite part of today's meeting?' or 'Which one of our initiatives do you think we should prioritize this month?'.

You can use polling as a quick way to close a meeting by asking: 'Is there anything else we need to discuss before closing?'* or *'Who would like us to come back next week so we can talk about this again?'.


Use Polling as Part of your Opening

Opening your townhall meeting by asking for everyone's opinion about the topic is a great way to get people engaged and make them feel heard. But how do you close the meeting? You could have time for one more question, or you could do something fun like use live multiple choice questions. This will let everyone vote for their favorite answer and lead them into some final thoughts before you wrap up.

Townhall meeting

The Importance of Putting Call-to-Action Answers First

It's important to remember that the answers you provide in live multiple choice questions should be clear and concise. You want the answers you provide to be straightforward so it's easy for people who are not knowledgeable about the topic, or what you're discussing, to find the answer that best fits their needs. If your audience is unable to find an answer quickly, they will likely tune out of what you're saying, which can lead them away from your offer or cause them to question your credibility as an expert. With Sendsteps it is easy to combine live polling and live multiple choice questions in one presentation, just by creating an account. So, signup today and start creating!

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