SMS Polling During Your Presentation

You can lower the bar of participation for audience members with network issues or who don’t have internet-enabled devices. Anyone can use just about any phone to participate.

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Key benefits


Seamless SMS Voting

You can also open the door to more voters by setting up a simple SMS voting channel with Sendsteps. After your audience responds, Sendsteps will automatically compile the votes and then send you the results. If they’re voting about sensitive issues, you can enable them to vote anonymously to prevent privacy concerns.

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Excellent Integrations

You can choose to deploy Sendsteps’ SMS system either via the web app or via the presentation app PowerPoint. Alternatively, you can hire Sendsteps’ live crew to set up and run your presentation system for you at your event venue.

When Can You Use Sendsteps’ SMS Interactive System?

  • The open ended questions can be a conversation starter to find out the order of importance of topics, and to access the thoughts and opinions of your audience.
  • The multiple choice questions can also come in handy during your AGM and brainstorming team meetings.
  • Your audience can also use our SMS voting to vote for their favorite artists, shows, programs, etc. during your entertainment events.
  • In scientific events, participants can use our SMS system to demonstrate their level of knowledge or to raise relevant issues.

Use Sendsteps for:

  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Trainings
  • Universities
  • Basically, everywhere..

Open the floor to more voters now

No credit card required | 2 Free AI presentations