Fun Allhands Meetings: How to Make Them More Engaging with Ice Breakers and Live Q&As

There are a lot of boring meetings out there, but an allhands meeting should be anything but dull. A fun allhands meeting can be the catalyst that gets your team members engaged and motivated. This will ensure that they can be more productive during the week leading up to the meeting and beyond. To make your next allhands meeting fun, try using an icebreaker to get your staff laughing, followed by a live Q&A session. Your team gets to ask questions and provide feedback directly to you or other leaders in your company.

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The Benefits of Ice Breakers

Ice breakers are a fun way to get the meeting started. The ice breaker can be a question or activity that will help people get in the right mindset for their allhands meeting. Also, it can promote a looser work atmosphere. For example, an example question can be, 'What is your most embarrassing moment?' or ' What is your favorite family recipe?'. You may have different versions of these questions depending on the company culture, but they're a great way to start conversations and break tension. Another benefit of an ice breaker is getting people talking before it's time for the meeting agenda. This encourages more participation from everyone which can lead to better ideas and insights.

The Benefits of Live Q&A's

Live Q&A sessions are a fun way to get employees excited about the company, contribute their ideas, and feel more in control of their work. With live Q&A, you can answer questions from remote employees who may not always be able to come into office meetings.

  • Live Q&As can be used as an ice breaker at the beginning of an allhands meeting. Employees will feel more comfortable if they can talk about themselves before the meeting starts, which encourages participation throughout the meeting.

  • Live Q&A sessions help people understand what other people in different departments are working on and how their work impacts others. This helps employees understand why decisions are made, gives them a better understanding of where they fit into the company, and makes them more engaged in decision-making processes.

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You can combine ice breakers and live Q&A's by implementing ice breakers within the questions that are asked within the allhands meeting.

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