Breaking the Ice at Team Meetings with Live Multiple Choice

There's usually some sort of introduction or ice breaker that needs to happen first before any productive discussion can take place. That's why we make use of live multiple choice questions - a fun way to engage interactivity. They are perfect for team meetings because it's interactive and makes it easy to get people talking, which in turn encourages more participation. In this post, we'll walk you through how to set up your own live multiple choice, so that you can get your team meeting off on the right foot!

What is a live multiple choice question?

Live multiple choice ice breakers are interactive games that get your team members going. You'll have four possible answers to choose from. The participants are able to choose one of the answers. The right answer will appear on the screen.

Some benefits of utilizing this method

  • It helps people get to know one another and break the ice.

  • It gives participants a chance to interact with one another.

  • It creates an environment where it is okay for people to make mistakes and learn from them, because they are anonymous.

Some tips for incorporating it into your next team meeting

You could start by asking participants what they want or need from this meeting, and then offer three choices: get to know one another better, solve an ongoing problem, or brainstorm ideas. Let participants select their choice from the screen. Then let each person fill in their answer on their devices. On the next slide you can ask an open-ended question on how they answered (for example: I picked 'get to know one another better' because I am eager to learn more about my coworkers) At the end of the meeting you can go over everyone's answers and talk about why they selected them.

What can Sendsteps do for you?

Sendsteps offers a wide range of features like word clouds, open-ended questions, multiple choice, and quiz questions. These features help you create an interactive meeting to break the ice. It makes everyone part of your presentation or meeting and this makes people remember your points longer. So let's get the best out of your meeting and use Sendsteps!

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So, what is the best ice breaker for a team meeting? Although there are many different types of ice breakers available, I would say that the best one is to use live multiple choice. If you want to do something different than the typical what’s your name? get-to-know-you activity, try asking your team members to tell their favorite movie quotes or share their dream vacation destination.

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