Interactivity in a Team Meeting: A Live Multiple Choice Introduction

The way you approach and introduce new ideas to your team can make or break the meeting. If you’re too dry, everyone will tune out and the meeting will devolve into an informational slog. If you’re not engaging enough, no one will participate in the discussion, and you won’t hear everyone’s unique perspective. There’s a happy medium, though—and it comes from making things more interactive. Try starting your next team meeting with a quick multiple choice question that gets people engaged and interacting with each other from the start. See how it works for your team!

An example of interactivity during the introduction of a new team member

A live multiple choice introduction can help introduce new members to the team and elicit participation from everyone. For example, when new team members introduce themselves, they could use Sendsteps software to create questions about themselves. The team members should answer these questions and have to try to guess the correct answer. This type of introduction is extremely interactive and engages everyone by letting them all discuss their own strengths while being exposed to those of others.

interactive presentation

The process of a live multiple choice

You may have participants answer by raising their hands. But Sendsteps offers a different possibility: participants answering by voting via their laptop, tablet, or phone.

For example, after a speaker gives his or her introduction, he/she might ask participants to raise their hands if they are from New York City, Boston, Chicago, etc. Instead, a speaker can display a question on a screen and participants can answer these immediately by clicking on their device.

Next, the speaker could display an open ended question after which participants can answer in full sentences on their phone and send in their answers. Afterwards, the those will be shown on the screen. Questions can also be asked when discussing topics such as ideas for new products or services. Sendsteps offer many different question types, so signup and try Sendsteps.

Examples of questions

By doing a live multiple choice, you will get better feedback from your team, and will be able to make decisions on how to move forward with more information. Examples of questions you could ask are:

  1. What are you looking forward to about this meeting?

  2. If there was one thing we could do better, what would it be?

  3. What topic would you like us to discuss today?

Check out the template below, for more options you can use with Sendsteps!

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