Open ended questions

Open ended questions can help you navigate a wide variety of events by sharpening your sense of direction. With clearer directions, you’ll be able to come up with sound plans and maximize the impact of your events.

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Multiple choice questions

Key benefits


Uncanny insights

You might be surprised at the difference between your audience feedback and how you thought they’d react originally – something you’d have probably missed out on if you locked their range of choices in a presumed range with other question types.


A deeper understanding of complexities

Open ended questions allow for more complex responses compared to other question types. Your audience will get to share their thoughts and feelings more freely and engage in constructive conversations, no matter how complex the issue is.


Deeper connection with your audience

Open ended questions also facilitate deeper connections with your audience. You’ll have much deeper insights into what they think, how they feel, and how they’ll react in certain situations.


Gather instant audience feedback

You can ensure that your audience understands you when you’re receiving instant feedback.

Don’t Second-Guess Your Audience! Allow Them Speak Their Minds

An excellent audience research is incomplete without direct inputs from the audience themselves. Your audience’s genuine feedback could make all the difference in your meeting, providing you with vital pointers to steer your events in a productive direction. That’s because your audience may currently be worried about things other than what your preliminary research may have shown.

Open ended questions allow your audience to express themselves with high clarity and minimal influence compared to other types of survey questions like multiple choice questions or upvoting questions. It invites the audience to think for themselves, maximizing engagement rates.

Combine Open ended questions with other Types of Survey Questions for Richer Insights

All types of survey questions each have their pros and cons. But we can help you explore the best of both worlds. You can easily combine open ended questions with other question types in your presentation to gain insight.

For instance, you can ask open ended questions to follow up on multiple choice questions, asking your audience to elaborate on the reason behind their choices.

Keep the Floor Open – But Well-Moderated

One of the disadvantages of open ended questions is the heightened risks of getting derailed with answers that are not related to the subject at hand. However, Sendsteps removes this challenge by providing top-notch filter functions that enable you to block out distractions from the feedback.

The filter settings can help you find and remove embarrassing responses easily.

You can explore all these benefits in a wide variety of settings, including:

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