It’s not unusual for a lot of confidential information to be exchanged during meetings. Take for example meetings during which significant decisions are made, reorganization is discussed, or a private meeting where important visitors such as shareholders, CEOs or ministers cast a vote.

It’s most often these kinds of meetings that use Sendsteps’ software. Not only because responding anonymously makes it easier to discuss sensitive subjects, but also because the data remains completely confidential.

To guarantee confidentiality, Sendsteps follows the ISO 27001 guidelines and has streamlined all processes regarding availability, integrity and confidentiality according to international standards. We’re periodically audited by a certified IT agency to check reliability, security and privacy. If so desired, it’s possible to look into the rapports. Here you’ll find an overview of several options to secure the data of your meetings:

    • Local Server: Sendsteps delivers local servers to locations that can’t be reached by Internet. Users connect to this server via local WiFi. Because the server is located right there in the room and isn’t connected to the Internet, it’s not possible for the exchanged data to leave the room. Once the results are known and have been shared with the organization, the database on the local server will be erased. A confirmation of erasure will be presented to the organization.
    • WiFi: A trusted and experienced third party provides WiFi on location. That way the organization can be sure that everybody has access to the Internet. This WiFi is connected to our (local) servers. Subsequently, it’s possible to vote from one physical location, or from several locations at the same time.
    • Secured website [https communication]: The data that is exchanged between the components of the Sendsteps application is encrypted. This means it can only be accessed with the right key.
    • Authorization code: Every individual who is granted access to vote will receive a unique authorization code. This code is personal. Log-in and therefore voting is only possible with this code. It’s not possible for multiple people to log-in simultaneously with the same code.
    • Weighted votes: Weighted voting can be added to the unique authorization codes. This means that if someone’s vote weighs more heavily than others, it’ll be determined in the code beforehand. This makes weighted voting easy.
    • Anonymity: As soon as someone logs into the secured website and casts a vote, it will be added to the database in combination with the predetermined weight. All log-in codes in the database will be hashed directly.

Every meeting is unique. That’s why you can always approach us with questions or requests. We’ll gladly explain to you in detail how an “extra secure meeting” is organized.

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