nandi2The assistance of a Customer Success Manager has helped many organizations to quickly adapt Sendsteps and to use it in a valuable way. Nandi Schrama recently took on this role. She’s there for every organization that uses a Sendsteps License. Whether you use Sendsteps for the first time, or if you’re already familiar with it for years. We’re happy to introduce you to our new Customer Success Manager…who can help YOU too!

Follow an Online Training: Sendsteps is easy in use. Still, we understand that anything new on your computer can use some explanation. Ask Nandi for a short online training on the use of the PowerPoint software, the online dashboard that comes with it and the audience response website. Feel free to already signup via the form below for one of her upcoming “Refresher Webinars”!

Design Meetings: Some meetings simply require more attention than others. This might have to do with audience size, the sensitivity of the subject or the planning of limited time. Simply give a call to our Customer Success Manager and she’s there to share some best practises and give tips on the practical use of the tool!

Apply Branding: Apply the branding of your organization to your slide deck, dashboard and response website. The Customer Success Manager helps you to turn Sendsteps into a fully branded experience! Your stakeholders will be blown away!

Company-wide roll-out: Several banks, ministries and consultancies assigned Sendsteps to many of their inhouse laptops and desktops. The Customer Success Manager is there to help in the process of organizing full data security, the communication towards individual departments and to think along as inhouse use evolves over time.

Did we get you excited to dive into the use of Sendsteps again? Great! Nandi loves to see you on one of our Sendsteps Refresher Webinars in the coming two weeks. Grab your agenda and sign up soon via the form below!

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