Some of us are regularly involved in hosting groups. For instance, in the role of a trainer training course attendees, or in the role of a HR adviser welcoming new team members or maybe as specialist giving lectures. Isn’t it comfortable to then stick to a standardized story line? Simply, “because it has proven to be successful”? But did you ever ask your audience what they think? These 3 questions will quickly give you proof and insight:

Ask 3 Evaluating Questions
Ask your audience these 3 evaluating questions after every session:

  • How do you rate today’s session? [Scale 1: Very poor, 5: Very good]
  • Would you recommend this session to other professionals? [yes/no]
  • Can you give one suggestion to the speaker to improve his/her story?

With limited time you can leave out the second question. Be careful to over ask in case there’s more time to spend. There’s only that much that you can expect from your crowd.

Clever Timing of Evaluation
Ask your attendees to reply to these questions at the end of your session. Allow them to fill out these survey questions during the live session. Don’t send them home or into a break with this assignment. Dedicate 2 minutes of your session to this evaluation and be assured of a high response rate!

Sharing Evaluation Outcomes?

Do you dare to share the results directly onto the presentation screen? Then go ahead and make a transparent company culture concrete! Still, we don’t blame you for not doing so: simply gather the feedback in your back office and use it for your personal benefit and obviously: the improvement of your story line!

Your next session!

This all might sound so simple, but in practice speakers hardly apply this method. So did we challenge you to apply this to your next session? Good! Evaluate our blog and upon completion you’ll receive an invite for our upcoming webinar. In it we’ll quickly tell you how to setup your very own Sendsteps Survey!

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