How to run an engaging meeting from home during the COVID-19 outbreak

How to run an engaging meeting from home during the COVID-19 outbreak What’s the best way to engage with your team, class or co-workers while you are unable to share the room? Sendsteps is the answer to that! Engage others when working from home Sendsteps believes that especially when working from home it is extremely […]

Teacher in front of a classroom

Teacher in front of a classroom Problem A teacher is trying to keep her students interested and engaged, while still teaching them the material they need to learn. Today’s kids are growing up with full access to their smartphones, tablets and laptops, they’re used to seeing interesting content with every swipe of their thumb. So, […]

Let your Audience Speak their Mind During Town Hall Meetings

Town hall meeting Problem A CEO, manager or team leader who wants to know what’s really going on in her company, or on her team, can set up a Zoom meeting, or BSD (before social distancing) can take to the board room or breakroom and announce the latest company or team news. However, that doesn’t […]

Decision making with a group

Decision making with a group Problem As the leader of a team or company, it’s always a balancing act to determine how much of a decision should be made on your own, versus how much to have your team, company or colleagues weigh in. Some of the easiest ways to ask a group its opinion, […]

Working from home: how to engage others during online meetings?

Working from home: how to engage others during online meetings? The current COVID-19 situation has an impact on our daily life, and also our working life. For many around the globe, the office is no longer accessible. Instead your home is now your new office. And with that, online meeting tools replace the regular offline […]

Interactive presentation ideas

Interactive presentation ideas Just like you serve specific wine with a type of dish, you also need to carefully select a specific interactive method with your type of meeting. Get clear for yourself: What is the setting in which you like interaction to take place? ‘Games’ don’t contribute to board room sessions, and a fun […]

10 Tips: Employee Event with an Inconvenient Message

10 tips: Employee events with an inconvenient message How to deal with an employee event that is less fun? Not because of the venue or the speaker line-up, but because of an inconvenient message that has to be shared: budget cuts, poor performances or even job losses. How can you as an organization prepare a […]

8 Tips for formulating powerful statements

7 Tips for formulating powerful statements. Spicy discussions. They’re fruitful for every organization. And an event is a great context to facilitate this: by means of a panel discussion or a debate. A good discussion starts with a well formulated statement. Easier said than done. That’s why we’re happy to share 8 tips on formulating […]

Team Building Problem Solving Activities

Team Building Problem Solving Activities With an ongoing digitalization, the need for a workforce that easily adapts to a fast-changing world, becomes more eminent. On one hand many jobs will get lost because of digitalization. On the other hand, some workfields will see a higher demand in jobs. E.g. in IT- and Customer Service related […]

How to Keep an Audience Engaged During a Presentation

How to keep an audience engaged during a presentation.​ Did you ever think of your presentation as a first time date? Imagine – it’s really not that different. Upfront you are busy with what to wear, what to say and especially what not to say. You don’t need an awful lot of dating experience to […]

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