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    Best Practise | Sendsteps use at Miele

    At Miele Netherlands, Sendsteps is mainly being used to examine employees and to collect feedback to improve future meetings. Seraar de Beijer, Manager Technology & Training at Miele Netherlands, tells us more.


      Delicate theme, cool approach!

      During the Innoversity Parade more than 500 professionals talked about diversity within the Dutch public broadcasting sector. Sendsteps was there to enable the audience to ask questions, for example to the former director of Al-Jazeera!


        Collecting valuable data from a group

        Wie zitten er eigenlijk in jouw publiek? Wat vinden ze van de onderwerpen die jij bespreekt? Denken mannen bijvoorbeeld anders over een onderwerp dan vrouwen? En hoe kijken jongere collega’s naar een probleemstelling ten opzichte van de oudere collega’s? Met Sendsteps kun je alle verhoudingen eenvoudig inzichtelijk maken, op individueel én groepsniveau!


          That one burning question…

          It’s exactly one year ago that the ‘Education of the Heart Symposium’ took place at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The symposium was centered around innovative education in which the focus is placed on stimulating the heart and talents of children versus the mind or intellect.


            How it looks during a real life event

            Have a look at the video and see how Sendsteps contributes in making conferences more interactive. The conference that you’ll see in the video, took place at the NBC Congress Center.

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