An audience that feels engaged, will send many questions and remarks. Read how to post and publish this valuable feedback with Sendsteps.

Audience | Response moments during a presentation

During a presentation, the audience can respond at two different moments. These moments can be scheduled in advance. Upon adding a new message slide, select the “options menu” or click the “edit message slide” button to select one these two options;

  • Response Moment I/II: From the first slide until passing the message slide. This means people can respond to this message slide, from the beginning of the slideshow until passing this slide.E.g. a speaker has a 20-minute presentation. The audience can send in questions at any given moment. The content can be discussed during a Q&A session after the presentation.
  • Response moment II/II: Only while this message slide is showing. This means people can only respond to this message slide, when the slide is show on the screen.E.g. at a specific moment a speaker needs input on a question “How does your perfect team looks?”. The incoming messages can be dealt with by the speaker in the moment itself.

Moderator | Publishing responses during a presentation

All incoming messages are shown on the moderator screen. From here one can decide which specific messages need to appear on the presentation screen. As such inappropriate messages can be filtered and one can be sure of content on the presentation screen that matches actual discussion.

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