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Many companies are currently dealing with reorganisation. Transparent communication throughout such complex phases is essential. Sendsteps has successfully contributed to several organisational changes and culture sessions. Let’s take a look at what could help you through times of change:

  •      Keep employees updated on the planned changes
  •      Signal and listen to potential concerns
  •      Answer questions and take away uncertainties
  •      Ask for feedback
  •      Create overall transparency on the situation

How does Sendsteps support this process?

Schedule one or more sessions to highlight the planned internal changes and to communicate made decisions. You can use the Sendsteps tool to:

  • Deal with live questions: Offer the opportunity for employees to anonymously ask questions about the situation. As such you don’t have to confront individuals, but you can discuss matters in a more neutral context.
  • Ask for feedback: Asking for feedback in times of change can help you signal concerns. This doesn’t mean that you have to give a direct reply to every concern raised. A follow-up meeting or a mailing can be a good contact moment to further discuss and process the output.
  • Act! Staying in touch and in dialogue with your employees won’t only create transparency, but also give you needed information on what your next step should be regarding communication. Make sure to always follow up with an action after every interactive session.

Why not also take a look at one of our 10 interactive concepts; examples of diverse organisations that have used Sendsteps throughout organisational changes. By letting your employees become involved in the reorganisation ahead, you’ll find that change will follow more easily!

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