Have a look at the video and see how Sendsteps contributes in making conferences more interactive. The conference that you’ll see in the video, took place at the NBC Congress Center. An example of an organization that caters to frequent in-house interactive meetings. They apply the tool independently and on a frequent basis via an annual Sendsteps Licence. Here’s why;

  • Efficiency: Next to issues that can be discussed live and in person, attendees can also participate by giving digital feedback during an interactive session. When time is limited and you don’t have the possibility to let everyone share their thought, you can still have everyone’s comments after the session.
  • Strategy: Some issues are more delicate, than other issues. Think off a major strategy change, the cooperation and relation between departments or work satisfaction. By allowing anonymous responses, you can instantly get to the essence of the matter.
  • Fun: Sometimes it helps to see serious matters from a certain distance. By playing a quiz with your audience, you can transform an intensive conference into a delightful and entertaining moment for your audience. It’s energizing too – especially after a lunch break!

Next to the NBC Congres Center, there are also law firms, banks, NGO’s, consultancies and many other organizations that have increased the productivity of their meetings with help of Sendsteps.

What kind of meetings do you organize? Do you have ideas to further increase audience interaction? Ask us or, even better, ask one of our customers!

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