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Vote and post messages

The way to create interaction and participation during presentations through text messaging and Internet.

Voting through SMS

The possibilities of our interactive voting solutions for congresses are endless. Voting through text message and [mobile] Internet can be integrated in your event. We like to give you a few examples:

Voting through text message: the audience’s opinion

Adapt your presentation to your audience: start with a question to find out what’s the need of the audience. Feedback: start and end with a question and get to know how opinions have changed. Take decisions together: take decisions based on what needs to be done according the audience opinion.

  • Step away from monologues – facilitate an inspiring dialogue!
  • Get instant and authentic audience feedback
  • Easy to use for both presenter [through PowerPoint] and audience [smartphone]

Voting through text message: quiz questions

It’s also possible to ask your audience multiple questions at once, for instance for a questionnaire or research. After sending in all the answers in only one single text message, a total score is being calculated. Afterwards every participant receives a text message with in it his or her total score and a possible explanation.

  • An easy way to setup a quiz or questionnaire
  • Instant results and attendees getting clear insights in their performance
  • A low key event solution with a lively impact!

Voting through text message: favourite candidate

Voting through text message can be applied when a winner needs to be chosen. You for sure know it from talent shows like Idols or X-Factor. The audience simply uses the mobile phone as an alternative voting device by sending in the favourite candidate through text message

  • Let your audience reply through their own device – quick and easy!
  • Complete data security, compliant with ISO27001 regulations
  • Get immediate and trustworthy vote results

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