How to Close your Sprint Planning with Live Multiple Choice to Stimulate Engagement

At the end of every sprint, you’ll want to sum up the accomplishments of the previous weeks and set some goals for the upcoming one. Although this part of agile development isn’t difficult, it’s important to do it right if you want to build engagement among your team members. Here’s how to close your sprint planning with live multiple-choice questions that will stimulate engagement in your workplace.

Team engagement

Begin by explaining the benefit of closing

Closing the meeting is a way of summarizing what was accomplished during the meeting. It's also time to reflect on how to improve in the future. Closing the meeting is also an opportunity for participants to provide feedback.
Live multiple-choice questions can be used as a way of closing our meetings and stimulating engagement by asking people's opinion about topics such as: 'What was your favourite part of this meeting?' or 'What could have been improved?'
This encourages team members not only to participate but also offers a leadership opportunity. They can provide suggestions and input on what they would like changed to make it better next time around.


Use humour

If you're looking for a way to engage your team and have fun while closing the sprint, try live multiple-choice questions. Create a series of questions and let the team members submit their answer on their mobile device. Let them submit their guess before revealing if they were right or not. This technique can be used at any time during a meeting or discussion. It's especially useful when you want to conclude on a high note, like at the end of a sprint review meeting!

Get some audience participation going

In order for the audience to engage, there are a series of questions you can ask.

  1. What would you like to accomplish the next sprint?

  2. Do you still have any questions or is everything clear?

  3. Are we ready to go for it the next sprint?

These questions could be added in a Sendsteps template, could be combined with the other questions Sendsteps offers such as open-ended questions, word clouds, quiz questions and multiple choice. These questions could help to make your presentation even more engaging for your audience and keep it interesting. So, try Sendsteps today and start creating!

Roksanna van Dam

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