October's Improvements: What's New and What's Changed

October was an exciting month for us here at Sendsteps, as we made several changes to improve the software and give you more features! Of course, we’re not done yet—we always have more great ideas in store! Here’s what we’ve been working on this month.

Product updates

We are happy to announce that we have a new feature for our product! This month, we are pleased to announce that we've added the ability for you to use the preview feature. With this new feature, you can preview your presentation/template. It saves you time using the preview button instead of playing your presentation. Besides, you will see a phone on the screen where you can answer. See the picture below or press the button below to see for yourself. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions about this update. We hope you enjoy it!

Improve your slides!

It could be challenging to start or create a slide when creating a new template or presentation. We offer the 'Get inspiration' button, where you get multiple ideas for your template. When using this feature, you get many questions you could ask your audience or use for your presentation. We offer different questions and ideas for each question type, so check this out next time you start making a presentation and get inspired.

Screenshot get inspiration

Question type of the month

As you may know, we offer many different question types, such as quiz, open ended, upvoting and multiple choice questions. This month multiple choice questions were used the most. Multiple choice questions are beneficial and easy to answer. You give your audience different options to answer, which will result in more answers. Whereas with open ended people are more likely to say nothing because they do not know what to answer. Below you can click on a template where already multiple choice questions have been added.


Besides new features, Halloween has been celebrated this month. For this spooky day, we created two quizzes which you can play. Besides Halloween quizzes, we offer many more quizzes you could try or make one yourself. If so, sign up today!

Roksanna van Dam

Roksanna works as an intern and mainly focuses on making content and the company's socials. Roksanna loves to teach herself and her audience new discoveries and has a creative mindset, which she combines with her work to create unique, fun, relevant blogs and templates.